Choose T.F. O’Brien for Your Home or Office HVAC Needs

February 10, 2021

T.F. O’Brien residential customers know that we strive for complete customer satisfaction when it comes to keeping their home comfort systems in great shape. But, did you know we can offer the same level of service for your business? When you choose us for your commercial heating and cooling needs, we’ll work hard to make… Continue Reading

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Made for Each Other: Ductless & Converted Spaces

January 31, 2019

Many times, homeowners decide to add to their home’s space, whether by building an addition or remodeling parts of their home that may not have been ideal living areas before. Unfortunately, often these areas don’t have access to the home’s ductwork, and adding it may be impractical or impossible. How can you get these areas… Continue Reading

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Three Ways You Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

April 5, 2016

The arrival of spring also means the arrival of allergy season for many, and for those who suffer from allergy, asthma and other respiratory conditions, breathing easy can be difficult. It’s important for everyone that the quality of the indoor air they breathe is clean, fresh and healthy. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),… Continue Reading

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What is a Heat Recovery Ventilator?

January 28, 2011

Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) are among the most energy-efficient ventilation systems available. They pull fresh air inside, filtering it while expelling stale air. They also essentially “recapture” the energy of the outgoing, stale air and “give” it to the incoming air.

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Air Returns are an Important Part of Your HVAC System

December 14, 2010

Probably few of us give much thought to how our heating & air conditioning system is set up. As long as we stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, we’re fine. There are a few things, however, that we ought to know to prevent problems. A major item to be aware of is our home air returns.

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Good Ventilation Systems Provide Good Indoor Air Quality

October 28, 2010

There is nothing more important than the safety of your family. You would like to think that in the confines of your home, you would have nothing to fear. However, the is a potential danger lurking right inside your house. Indoor air pollution is more of a threat to most of us than the smog of polluted cities and the only way to protect your loved ones is through proper ventilation systems.

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