Don’t Forget – Now Is the Time to Schedule Your Spring Tune Up!

Now is the best time to schedule your seasonal air conditioning system tune up. One annual seasonal tune up is included in your paid service plan, and is most beneficial when it is done as the seasons are changing before you are ready to turn your air conditioner on for the summer. How does a tune up help?

  • It ensures that your system is running effectively
  • It helps maintain energy efficiency
  • It helps to catch any refrigerant leaks your system may have
  • It allows our technicians to catch small problems – before they become large, expensive ones

Please call the service department at 516-488-1800 Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm to renew your service plan and schedule your seasonal air conditioning system tune up. Please note that we cannot schedule appointments by e-mail, therefore we look forward to your call.

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