Why You Need HVAC Filters

While choosing an HVAC system can be confusing, choosing replacement parts like filters can be just as challenging. To help navigate your way through wide array of HVAC filters, consider contacting a qualified contractor to help ensure that you make the right choice.

Filters may not seem very important, but they have a direct affect on your health. Indoor air pollution includes everything from air particles that you breathe in your home, to dust from the outdoors to dust from cooking or burning candles, as well as the hair and skin flakes that people are constantly shedding.

Some estimates speculate that indoor air pollution is more than twice that of outdoor air pollution. Breathing in these particles leads to a wide variety of health problems from minor to severe viruses to minor to severe allergies and respiratory ailments such as asthma. Many of these problematic particles can be eliminated from your indoor air with a properly installed air filter. HVAC filters also help protect the system’s furnace and fans, helping to prolong the life of the system.

HVAC filters not only protect you against breathing in unhealthy air, they also protect the system. A well-maintained filter helps the HVAC system function properly and guards against breaking down. If you are uncertain about which filter to choose, or how to clean or install it, ask us.   We can help you determine which filters are right for your system.

Types of HVAC filters:

  • Electrostatic filter: One of the most common air filters, electrostatic filters use static electricity to remove dirt and debris from the air. Electrostatic filters remove up to 97 percent of allergens from the air, making it a good choice for asthma and allergy sufferers. The filters can be cleaned once a month or every few months, as needed. They are also easy to maintain, as hosing it down is all that is needed to clean it. Because it doesn’t reduce air flow, it helps ensure your system works to maximum capacity.
  • Pleated filter: The pleated air filter is most commonly used in homes and is sufficient for people with normal breathing needs and also provides good air flow.
  • HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arresting) filter: HEPA filters are a special brand of pleated filters that can remove almost all allergens that pass through your HVAC system and your air, because they have more pleats per inch than regular pleated filters. They are especially popular with homeowners that have pets and allergies, as HEPA filters can remove mold, pollen and pet dander.

Filters are an essential part of your HVAC system.   Be sure to get sound advice from an HVAC professional before replacing filters in your equipment, as installing the wrong kind can restrict air flow and damage system components.   Ask us about what filters can do for your comfort and indoor air quality.

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