Before and After HVAC System Installations and Replacements

Once older air conditioning and heating systems can no longer be fixed with repairs and maintenance, or those repair costs start to become very frequent and expensive, it may be time to consider a system replacement. With this upgrade, homeowners can expect improved energy efficiency, improved air quality, fewer system breakdowns, and lower energy bills. Additionally, modern systems can help add value to your property once it comes time to sell. Use this gallery to see recent installations our team has completed, and how the discreet system designs may fit into the layout of your property.

Outside Air Conditioning System Replacements

We replace outdoor units that have worn out or aren't performing as well as they used to for our Long Island clients. Here are some samples of before and after pictures of compressors that we've worked on in the area. Not only does it improve the overall efficiency of a home's ability to cool, it also looks more attractive.

Old AC unit before replacement New high efficiency unit installed outdoors
Old outdoor AC unit Upgraded AC unit for house
Outdoor AC unit before replacement New AC unit installed outside
Outdoor AC Compressor surrounded by shrubbery New outdoor compressor unit

Inside Air Conditioning System Replacements

Air conditioning systems often have air handlers that are responsible for moving the air evenly through your home. Often, these are located in basements and attics. Here are some samples of before and after attic air handlers that we replaced for our customers.

Old indoor AC system in an attic New indoor ac unit made by Carrier
Indoor AC system before replacement New indoor ac system in an attic
old ac system before replacement new ac system in attic
AC system before work is done New indoor ac system

Hydronic Boiler Replacements

Hydronic boilers use water to conduct heat, making this system a highly energy-efficient option. This system is long-lasting with proper repairs and maintenance, but when it is time for a replacement, we are here to help. Here are some recent basement system replacements.

Old hydronic boiler new hydronic boiler installed.
Old Hydronic boiler New hydronic boiler installed
Before replacing the boiler After replacing the boiler
Hydroponic boiler before Hydroponic boiler after installation
Furnace before replacement New furnace installation
Very old hydronic boiler Hydronic Boiler in a basement

Steam Boiler Replacements

Steam boilers transfer heat from a fuel source to water contained within the boiler to create heat. this option can be more environmentally friendly offering the use of options for using alternative fuels. Contact us to find out more.

Steam boiler before replacement New steam boiler installed in basement
Old steam boilver before replacement New Carrier steam boiler system installed

Boiler System Replacements

Boiler systems can be fueled through various sources including gas, electric, or oil, depending on your home's needs. Our team of experts will help you decide on the best heating solution, and complete a seamless replacement.

Old boiler system about to be replaced New boiler in place
An old boiler in a basement New boiler installation
Old boiler in a basement New Boiler in a basement
Old Boiler systemin basement New boiler system in a basement

New Ductless System Installation

Ductless systems are a popular option for homes lacking ductwork. Since energy is not lost through ducts, nearly all air is heated. As shown in these images, the design of these systems in sleek and can unobtrusively fit into the design of any home.

Outdoor single zone ductless unit

New ductless outdoor

Single Zone mini-split ductless install

New ductless indoor

Air Handler Replacements

Air handlers work with outdoor units such as an air conditioner or heat pump to distribute heated or cooled air through a system of ducts. This system helps to ensure proper air distribution, temperature control, and indoor air quality.

Old air handler system in a basement new air handler system in the basement
Before picture of an outdoor AC system A New AC Condenser installation
Air handler system before new system installation New air handler system in an attic
Old air handler system new air handler system in an attic
Old air handler system New air handler system in the attic

Furnace System Replacements

There are different types of furnaces including gas, oil and electric. Each type has unique benefits and capabilities. Here are some recent basement replacements.

Old furnace in a basement New furnace installation
Furnace before replacement New furnace installation
Old furnace in basement New furnace in a basement
Old furnace before getting replaced by T.F. O'Brien Installation of a new furnace
Before replacing a furnace in an attic New furnace system in attic