HVAC Solutions

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Below are just a few of the special problems we come by often in homes and workplaces. We've also included the solution we're most likely to perform for each one.

Common HVAC Problems & Solutions

Problem #1: Your air conditioner is located in your attic and this is risky! If your drain ever clogs, condensation will overflow from your air conditioner onto the ceiling and cause leaks that could ruin your ceiling and cost you tons of money.

Solution: A ceiling saver kit.

Problem #2: You have ugly hoses and/or pipes running across your floor. Or, even worse, you have waste water sitting around.

Solution: Condensate drainage.

Problem #3: Your air-conditioning coil is located more than 50 feet from your condensing unit and, therefore, it works extra hard and occasionally (or maybe often!) breaks down.

Solution: A Hard-Start Kit.

Problem #4: You spend a lot of time traveling or at a vacation home and want to make sure everything is okay with your heating & cooling equipment while you're away so you can avoid costly problems.

Solution: Remote Monitoring Device.

Problem #5: You want to safeguard your heating and cooling equipment in the event of a brownout or lightning strike.

Solution: Surge Suppressors.

Problem #6: Your unit turns on and off a lot and worry it will burn out! (a.k.a. "short-cycling")

Solution: Compressor Protection.