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At T.F. O’Brien, we’re pleased to provide Long Islanders with what we believe to be some of the best quality, most efficient, new air conditioning products on the market. If you’re looking for a quiet, attractive, and energy efficient air conditioning system, T.F. O’Brien is ready to assist you.

Central Air Conditioning Systems

Central air conditioning and heating systems are the most common systems you’ll find in homes on Long Island. These HVAC systems provide year-round comfort using a network of sheet metal ductwork. During the summer months, the ductwork distributes forced cool air throughout the house. These systems allow you to enjoy consistent temperatures all summer without adjusting individual units in each room of your house. Additionally, central AC systems often have built-in filtering that improves air quality by removing dust and allergens from circulation. Finally, they offer the convenience of controlling the temperature from a central thermostat, eliminating the need for window AC units or fans running in different parts of your house.

We install, replace, repair, and maintain central air conditioning systems all the time on Long Island. With advances in energy efficiency standards, todays AC systems are more efficient compared to just a few years ago. Having a central air conditioning system that is doing its job right makes the long summers on Long Island more pleasant for your whole family. Learn more about our air conditioning services here. 

Heat Pump HVAC Systems

Rising in popularity on Long Island, heat pumps are an energy-efficient alternative to a system that has a furnace and AC system connected to the ductwork. In summer weather, a heat pump will pull the heat from inside your home and release it outdoors, which cools off your home. Alternatively, during the cooler months, they can transfer heat from the warmth of outside air and pump it inside to heat a home. This eliminates the need for separate heating and cooling systems. If youre looking for a more efficient HVAC system with a smaller carbon footprint, this is a smart choice. Theyre also much quieter than conventional AC systems. Call us for more information about what kind of system is best for your Long Island home. We can also provide you with regular maintenance checks to keep your heat pump operating at maximum efficiency year-round. Learn more about our heat pump services here. 

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

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We also install, repair, and maintain ductless AC systems on Long Island. These systems are a popular choice as an alternative or augmentation to traditional central air conditioning systems. They consist of individual wall-mounted units that deliver targeted comfort exactly where you need it. Unlike central systems, ductless AC allows you to control the temperature in specific zones, eliminating wasted energy on rooms that arent used as often during certain times of the day or year. Alternatively, you might have a room that gets particularly warm because of its exposure to the sun. These ductless systems are usually easier and faster to install than central air conditioning systems, especially in existing buildings that dont have ductwork. Additionally, the wall-mounted units can improve air circulation in a room or zone more effectively than a central air system. Larger homes might need a few of these individual units installed, so be sure to give us a call to come out to your home. We can make recommendations regarding the size and number of units that youll need to achieve the level of comfort you desire. Learn more about our ductless air conditioning services here. 

There’s no need to suffer when the weather outside on Long Island NY is sweltering – trust T.F. O’Brien to help you cool off with a new air conditioning system. We’re committed to providing the absolute best customer service and expert advice to Long Island residents – we’ve been doing so for more than 85 years!

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T.F. O’Brien will always look out for your best interest and provide exceptional, high-quality air conditioning systems of to ensure expected comfort and safety. Our entire company strives to make sure you enjoy working with us and never have to deal with a hassle. We guarantee that you, the customer, after purchasing our products and/or services will be 100 percent satisfied – in fact, you won’t pay until you are.

T.F. O’Brien proudly serves all of Long Island, including Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Brooklyn. Simply call us at 516.488.1800.


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