Surge Suppressors

Looking for a Long Island heating and cooling company that will help you protect your systems?

Brownouts and lightning strikes can cause considerable damage to your heating and cooling systems and to your home appliances, costing you money that you definitely do not want to spend. But there are devices that can be installed to help protect your systems and avoid this damage. T.F. O’Brien can provide and install such devices for you.


Since electricity is so expensive in the summer, electrical companies often reduce their output. This means that less power will be going to your electrical appliances, called a brownout. Such a power reduction can damage appliances that work on electricity, including your air conditioner. Such appliances are intended to run on a certain amount of power. When a brownout occurs, these appliances will continue to function on less power. They will have to work extra hard to do so and the brownout could cause burnout in these appliances.

Granted, it won’t make you happy if your toaster or hair dryer burns out due to a brownout, but when a super expensive machine like your air conditioner is damaged it is obviously more of a problem. A surge suppressor can help to avoid such damage. T.F. O’Brien & Co. can help to set one up for you.


If your home is struck by lightning, it could ruin any of your appliances. You definitely want to protect your most expensive electrical equipment from the damage that might occur with lightning strike. A lightning arrestor can do this for you and T.F. O’Brien can easily install one in your electrical panel. This inexpensive device can save your heating and cooling system and save you lots of money in the event of a lightning strike.

If you’re looking for a Long Island heating and cooling company that can protect your equipment from disaster, call us at 516.488.1800 to learn more.