Ceiling Saver Kit

If your AC is in the attic, you may be asking for trouble.

An air conditioner does more than you may know to make your air more comfortable. In addition to cooling the air, it also dehumidifies the air in the dog days of summer. The water is removed from the air and then drained away, leaving you comfy and cool.

However, if your air conditioner is in your attic you need to take extra care. If the AC drain ever clogs, the water could overflow onto your ceiling, eventually resulting in unwanted waterfalls in your home!

Needless to say, this type of malfunction could cost you loads of money — especially if you have a cathedral ceiling. This is the reason a ceiling saver kit is an excellent idea.

The ceiling saver kit will redirect any leaks to a custom-designed container with an alternate drain line. And if that line clogs? Don’t worry! Another component of the ceiling saver kit is an automatic switch that will turn off your air conditioner if the backup drain starts to be used so no additional condensation can be produced. When this happens, you’ll realize your AC has stopped working and you’ll call your Long Island heating & cooling company to fix it before any water has a chance to damage your home.

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