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We help our neighbors in the Smithtown area of Long Island on a regular basis with their heating and cooling needs. As one of the leading HVAC companies in the area, we have been helping our neighbors with their heating and cooling needs for over 80 years. One of our high quality services is installing ductless (or mini split) heating and cooling systems in people’s homes. After years of being popular overseas, these systems have been gaining in popularity on Long Island because of their versatility and effectiveness. If you’ve been using a window AC unit, this is a much better solution to keeping those rooms cooler in summer, plus they will heat a room as well. We can come out to your home in Smithtown and give you an estimate on an installation of a system.

Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning Systems in Long Island NYYou might have a room that just don’t seem to cool down enough or get warm enough, installing a ductless system can be a great solution to a problem room. Any time you have a room or even an out building, that can’t use the existing ductwork, a ductless minisplit system can be an elegant solution. Call us to come out to Smithtown and give you a recommendation and an estimate.

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    See how Daikin ductless systems can improve your comfort and save you money

    Unlike single speed systems, Daikin ductless inverters offer variable speeds for more efficient home comfort.

    Hear the difference in a Daikin ductless system from T.F. O'Brien

    Our ductless solutions are engineered to operate under 50 decibels. Comfortably enjoy your home with a Daikin ductless system.


    Contact us to find out if a ductless system is right for you or see some testimonials of happy ductless customers below:

    Ductless Install Testimonials

    “I chose to install a duct-free system because I trust the Carrier® name, and also because of the rebate available. I did not have a previous system, so I was new to ductless air conditioning. The installer was very helpful. He walked me through the mechanics of the system and provided me with educational brochures. I would definitely recommend this system to other people, as it’s energy efficient. It’s also very quiet – sometimes we wouldn’t even realize it’s running if not for the cold air coming out!”
    ~ Joanne R., New York

    “Initially, I chose to install my duct-free split system because of the price. I had researched the product beforehand, but my installer helped me better understand how the system would work. It was less invasive to install than other systems, and I appreciate the quietness. I’d recommend it to others because of the quiet operation and advanced functions.”
    ~ Kevin M., New York