Whole House Humidifiers

A Whole Home Humidifier Will Make a Big Difference to Your Long Island Home’s Overall Comfort

When discussing home comfort, most customers immediately think of heating and cooling but don’t realize that humidity is also a very important piece of the picture. Many customers aren’t aware of the difference that whole house humidification can make in the comfort of the air in their home. Installing a whole house humidifier can give you some of these results:

  1. Dry Skin and Irritation: Low humidity levels can lead to dry and itchy skin, as well as irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.
  2. Respiratory Problems: Dry air can exacerbate respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, and sinusitis, making symptoms worse.
  3. Damage to Wood Furnishings: Dry air can cause wood furniture, flooring, and musical instruments to shrink, crack, or warp over time.
  4. Static Electricity: Low humidity levels can increase static electricity in your home, leading to annoying shocks and damage to your electronic devices.
  5. Uncomfortable Environment: Dry air can create an overall uncomfortable indoor environment in your Long Island home, making it difficult to sleep and causing general discomfort.

If these are advantages that appeal to you, then you’ll be glad to know that a humidifier is easy to add to any forced air heating system. Plus, T.F. O’Brien & Co. can offer humidification products that don’t use a reservoir where water sits and, therefore, won’t produce mold or mildew. These humidifiers are easy to own and operate. That’s why so many customers are looking for a Long Island heating & cooling company that can provide this type of humidification.

If you’d like to see the difference that the proper humidity can make, call T.F. O’Brien at 516.488.1800 to learn more.