Find Out Why Changing Air Filters Regularly Is One Of The Most Effective Steps You Can Take

air filter maintenance Long lsland, NY areaYour HVAC Air Filters Help Keep Your Air and System Clean


One of the most costly investments in your Long Island home is your heating and cooling system. One of the least expensive ways to keep it operating efficiently and help it have a long service life is to simply change the air filters.

Air Filter Facts

A system’s air filters not only clean indoor air and make it healthier, but they also keep your equipment clean and reduce your energy costs. Here’s why changing air filters should be high on your list of simple maintenance for your heating and cooling equipment.

  • Equipment Maintenance: Air filters are placed near the fan or air handler and catch contaminants from inside your home before they reach your equipment. Without it, debris, dust and pollutants can attach to your air handler, causing it to work harder, slow it down or clog its operation. Once this happens, the system’s components begin to wear down, and then equipment failure is just a matter of time.
  • Energy Costs: Keeping your equipment clean with the use of fresh filters lowers your energy costs. As filters clog, airflow is reduced. Restricted airflow limits the circulation of heated or cooled air, and, as your system works harder to compensate, cause energy costs to go up.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Changing air filters is the easiest way to ensure clean indoor air. A fresh filter allows better air movement, which draws more contaminants to the air filter to be trapped.
  • Health Issues: Clogged filters don’t allow pollutants to move through the system well. Poor air circulation keeps them inside. This increases the risk of allergies from pollen and dust and of sickness from bacteria and viruses.

Some filter manufacturers suggest changing them every three months. Depending on the season, number of pets you have, and allergens in your home’s air, a good rule of thumb to follow is to check air filters once a month and change as needed.

Your health, energy costs and investment can all be protected by changing air filters. If you have questions about your equipment’s filter, contact T.F. O’Brien Cooling & Heating. We’ll be happy to give you information on filter sizes, ratings and performance.

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