Whole-House Energy Savings Tips For Long Island Homeowners

It’s expensive to own a home on Long Island. But even if you can’t do anything about your property taxes. there are steps you can take to increase your energy savings and reduce your utility bills.

Did you know that there is a simple online tool you can use to calculate your energy savings and get tips on what you can do to improve your home? It’s from Energy Star, the government agency dedicated to energy efficiency.

For example, an average homeowner in Nassau County can save up to 26 percent   on his or her energy bills. Here’s how:

First, make sure leaks in your home and in your duct work are sealed. You may be able to fix gaps around your windows and doors with caulk or weather stripping, but you’ll need a professional to take a look at the ins and outs of your ducts and vents. Tears in your ducts mean you’re losing your treated air even before it gets inside your home, making your system work harder.

Next, you may want to add insulation to your home. This will keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, and increase your energy savings by reducing the loss from the ducts inside your walls and attic.

You may want to consider upgrading your HVAC equipment too, and replacing your windows with double-pained and treated glass. More efficient equipment means you’re getting more bang for your buck overall, which may pay for itself through tax breaks. Also, treated windows reduce the amount of UV energy that passes through the glass, keeping your home cooler in the summertime while protecting your valuables from harmful rays.

More efficient light bulbs and fixtures are always a good idea, and think about buying a programmable thermostat, too. It’ll help you keep your home at the optimal temperature all day long, every day.

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