7 Ways You Can Improve Your Energy Efficiency

The winter weather always makes us think about ways we can save some energy – usually when we get those utility bills. We all know saving energy helps to save us money, but it can also save the planet, too. Luckily, saving energy is as easy as following these seven tips:

Your Whole House

  • Seal doors and windows that leak. Weather-stripping, caulk, and foam sealant can all help keep conditioned air in – and cold or hot air out.
  • Choose a smart thermostat. These thermostats give you greater control over heating and cooling your home. Forgot to set your thermostat to “away” temperatures? With a smart thermostat, that’s not a problem, as you can log in remotely from your phone or computer.
  • Make use of your ceiling fans. In the summer, set your fan counterclockwise to create a cooler feel to the air, and in the winter, reverse to clockwise to push the warm air down from the ceiling and back into your living space.

In the Kitchen

  • If you use a dishwasher, let your dishes air dry rather than using the dishwasher’s drying setting.
  • Cover your pots and pans when you cook, and choose the appropriately sized heating element for the pan. Forgo the stove altogether and use toaster ovens or the microwave for small meals.


  • Replace your old bulbs with LEDs, and use daylight whenever you can to illuminate your home. And, take the LEDs outside, too, for your pathway and porch lights.
  • Unplug battery chargers when not in use. Consider using power strips that keep electronics from drawing power when not in use.

You can find even more ways to save by checking out the Department of Energy’s Energy Saver Guide. And, if you’d like to know how choosing the right home comfort equipment can help you save, too, simply call T.F. O’Brien at 516.488.1800 and we’ll be glad to help.