Choose T.F. O’Brien for AC Installation in your Long Island Home

Spring is in the air, and the summer months will be here before you know it. Is your AC system up to the challenge of keeping your home cool? Is your current system more than 10 years old? Have you noticed a decline in the performance of your air conditioning over the last few years, a hike in your utility bills, an increased frequency in the need for repairs, or a combination of all of the above? Then it’s probably time for you to consider a new AC installation for your Long Island home.

At T.F. O’Brien, we know purchasing a new air conditioning system is a costly – and potentially confusing – venture. There are a lot of different systems out there, and a lot of HVAC dealers who claim they can give you the best deal on a new system. Getting quality AC installation for your Long Island home, with the right size and type of system – is important. That’s how T.F. O’Brien is different. We believe that an air conditioning system is an investment you should take as seriously as purchasing a vehicle. That’s why it’s so important to research the different types of systems – and the dealer who installs your system.

T.F. O’Brien offers quality AC installation on Long Island

When you choose to work with us, we’ll not only make sure you get the best air conditioning available, but we’ll also make sure you get the right type, too. We offer different types of cooling systems because no two homes are the same. Whether you’re replacing the central AC in your Long Island home, or you need a solution for a room – or an entire home – without ductwork, we can help. We’re pleased to offer:

  • Central AC System Installations: You can trust us to provide you with high quality, high efficiency air conditioning products, perfectly sized for the unique needs of your home. Our technicians will expertly install your new central AC system in your Long Island home, and will provide you with any additional cooling services you may need.
  • Ductless AC: Do you have an area of your home that needs cooling, but where ductwork isn’t an option? Then you could benefit from ductless air conditioning. Our ductless systems offer high efficiency cooling and targeted control, allowing you to make any area of your home more comfortable for you and your family.
  • Variable Refrigerant Volume AC: If you’re looking for an AC system that will provide energy efficient cooling, without the added expense and hassle of adding extra ductwork, you might want to consider variable refrigerant volume (VRV) air conditioning. This type of system is manufactured to minimize efficiency losses seen with conventional systems, and needs minimal or no ductwork.

Who Should I Call for AC Repair in Long Island?

When the warm weather hits Long Island, you rely on your home’s AC system to keep you cool and comfortable. And the good news is, when you properly maintain your air conditioning, it’s generally pretty reliable and will last longer than a neglected system. But unfortunately, the need for repair could arise at some point – especially for systems that are more than 10 years old or haven’t gotten the annual maintenance they need. What can you do if you find yourself in need of a cooling repair?

Many homeowners are unsure of who they should call should a repair need arise. It’s easy enough to get confused – there are many home comfort companies out there, and it can be difficult to know who the best choice might be. You should know, when you call T.F. O’Brien Cooling and Heating to help, you’ll be getting the best possible AC repair for your Long Island home, from one of the most reliable names in home comfort. At T.F. O’Brien, optimal comfort for you and your family is always our goal, and we work hard to help you get your air conditioning system restored as quickly as possible.

What makes T.F. O’Brien the best choice for AC repair for my Long Island home?

When you choose T.F. O’Brien for the AC repair you need, you can count on exceptional service and proven reliability. We’ve been in the business of helping people living in the Long Island area stay comfortable for 85 years. That means we’ve worked with families spanning several generations! Our work is proven, and people have come to know us as a trusted name in home comfort. But just because we’ve been around for a while doesn’t mean we haven’t changed with the times.

  • We use advanced diagnostic tools, instruments and equipment so that we can evaluate your system quickly and thoroughly – which saves you money.
  • We’ll provide a comprehensive analysis of the AC repair needs of your Long Island home, so that we can provide a solution that will make your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible.
  • Our technicians receive the proper training needed so they understand many different makes and models of air conditioning systems, inside and out.
  • We stay up-to-date on all the latest advancements in the home comfort industry, so we can provide you with the best possible service on your equipment.
  • We offer plans that can help you get the annual cooling maintenance you need – helping you avoid the need for repairs once the heat of the summer hits.

Call T.F. O’Brien when you need AC repairs for your Long Island residence.

We’re proud to offer our Long Island customers exceptional maintenance and repair services, including emergency service. Please contact us if you need AC repairs for your home at 516.488.1800, and we will be glad to schedule an appointment with you. Or, if you have a specific question or need help troubleshooting an issue you’re having, please feel free to ask a tech right now by clicking here.




What Kind of AC Service Do I Need for My Long Island Home?

If you rely on air conditioning to keep your home cool in the summer, you might be thinking that once you make the investment, your system will run like a charm for years to come. Like any other type of mechanical equipment, however, your AC system requires service to keep it running properly. It’s important to make sure your system is receiving the service it needs, and the best way to do that is to choose a professional home comfort company to help. If you’re not sure what kind of AC service you might need for your Long Island home, you should give T.F. O’Brien a call.

At T.F. O’Brien Cooling & Heating, we offer a wide range of AC services for your Long Island home. Not only do we install the very best cooling systems on the market, but we also provide air conditioning maintenance and repair. We work with you to discover the best solutions to your cooling needs, and provide those services so that you and your family can enjoy cool comfort all summer long.

What types of AC services can I get from T.F. O’Brien for my Long Island residence?

Whether you need new, high-efficiency central air conditioning, ductless cooling, seasonal maintenance or emergency repair, you can trust T.F. O’Brien to assist you. Learn more about our wide range of cooling services below:

AC Installation: At T.F. O’Brien, you can count on us to provide you with the best quality and most efficient air conditioning products on the market. You can trust our skilled technicians to provide you with expert installation of your system, as well as with the AC services you need for your Long Island home after the sale.

Ductless AC: If you have an area of your home that could benefit from cooling, but where adding ductwork is either impossible or impractical, then you might want to consider ductless air conditioning for your home. We offer high-efficiency ductless systems that help you make any space more comfortable for your family.

AC Repair: In the unfortunate event that you need repair for your cooling system, you can rely on the professionals at T.F. O’Brien to help. We’ll troubleshoot your system, and make the repairs you need – whether you just need a new filter, or whether you need part replacements.

Variable Refrigerant Volume AC: Are you looking for a system that will provide energy-efficient cooling to your Long Island home? Variable refrigerant volume (VRV) air conditioning may be the right choice. This system minimize efficiency losses seen with conventional systems, and requires minimal or no ductwork.

AC Maintenance: One of the best things you can do to keep your cooling system running effectively and efficiently is by getting it the maintenance it needs. Preventive maintenance service will also help your system enjoy a longer life, and will catch any small problems before they become larger, more expensive repairs.

Call T.F. O’Brien to get the AC service you need for your Long Island home.

Getting the kind of AC service you need for your Long Island home is easy, when you call us to help you. Simply give us a call at 516.488.1800, and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to help you. Or, if you prefer, you can fill out our convenient online contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How a family-owned HVAC company cultivated Long Island business, family roots for 85 years

T.F. O’Brien celebrates 85 years, four generations of business

T.F. O’Brien is celebrating 85 years in business on Long Island. From what began as a one-man show to a full fleet of over a dozen service vehicles and a team of 40 employees, one thing has remained constant: T.F. O’Brien’s commitment to its family and Long Island roots.

In 1934, the first of four generations to follow founded the Long Island-based HVAC company: the late Thomas Francis O’Brien, grandfather to today’s co-owners Kerry, Thomas Jr. and Christopher O’Brien. Their maiden storefront in Richmond Hill Queens serviced appliances and commercial refrigeration, but in order to meet the ever-evolving needs of their community, they expanded into air conditioning in the 1950s. Ten years later, they warmed up to the heating industry. Their present-day shop in New Hyde Park opened in 1967 and has been servicing both residential and commercial Long Island ever since.

The O’Brien brothers Kerry, Christopher and Thomas Jr. spent their childhood living and breathing HVAC. For middle child Kerry O’Brien, the store was his stomping grounds where he thirstily absorbed as much about the business and customer interactions as he could.

“I loved being around the technicians and the customers,” he said. “Every day was different. I never got bored.”

Kerry O’Brien became president of the company in 2004. His son, Patrick, now manages the installation department, making him the fourth generation of O’Brien’s in the business.

Managing to both endure and thrive as a business for over three-quarters of a century means being able to adapt and evolve – whether it is by embracing the latest technology or keeping up-to-date on industry trends. Kerry O’Brien credits the generations of his family before him with exemplifying that attitude.

“My father and grandfather always said, ‘the one constant is change.’” Kerry O’Brien said. “Our company is a lot different than it was in their day – everything from the equipment, materials and tools that we use, to the way we interact and communicate with our customers. It seems now the rate of change keeps increasing. It’s a challenge, and it’s exciting to keep up.”

Following his father and grandfather’s advice to embrace change, O’Brien believes in constantly learning and training to stay on top of the industry.

“The only way to achieve exceptionalness is to continuously train and educate all of our people to provide the best possible solutions to our customers,” Kerry O’Brien said.

Offering training and educational opportunities does more than just encourage success of the business; it increases employee satisfaction and the likelihood T.F. O’Brien staff will stick around for a long time.

“Providing these kinds of advanced educational tools makes us a great place to work,” Kerry O’Brien said. “Our people enjoy striving to be the best.”

T.F. O’Brien’s accolades are a testament to their drive for success. They have collected multiple accreditations, including Carrier’s President’s Award in 2011, 2013 and 2014; and an Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2015. They also serve on their local National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) board.

Kerry O’Brien feels the community has a lot to do with the success T.F. O’Brien has seen and cannot imagine his family or his business anywhere else.

“Long Island is a great place to live and work,” he said. “We love being part of the community.”

Why Do I Need AC Maintenance for My Long Island Home?

When consumers invest in a new cooling system for their home, they often have a set-it-and-forget-it mindset. We get it –they’ve generally paid a lot of money for your new air conditioning system, and they have the expectation that it’ll be reliable and durable for years to come. But, people frequently fail to realize that their cooling system is mechanical, much like an automobile. And, because of that, it needs yearly HVAC tune-ups and inspections, just like their car would need.

At T.F. O’Brien, we understand that homeowners might not be sure why they need AC maintenance for their Long Island home. They might look at it as an additional, and perhaps unnecessary expense, or even an inconvenience. Rest assured, there are several benefits to getting an air conditioning system looked at on an annual basis. We believe in educating homeowners on why AC maintenance is so important, and we make it easy for them to schedule an appointment with us. We want to make sure their systems are running optimally all summer long – so they don’t have to worry about a cooling emergency when the temperature soars.

Five Reasons to Get AC Maintenance for Your Long Island Residence

If you’re on the fence as to whether or not you should get a maintenance contract with us, here are the top five benefits to making sure your air conditioning system gets the annual tune-up and inspection it needs:

  • Safety: An annual inspection will help find issues that could be causes for concern with your system. Our technicians check for refrigerant leaks, and make sure electrical components are all working properly.
  • Breakdowns: When you get regular AC maintenance for your Long Island home, your system will be clean, and any minor problems can be addressed – helping you avoid an inconvenient and expensive breakdown.
  • Warranty: Look at your manufacturer warranty, and you’ll likely find that your system requires regular maintenance to keep the warranty intact, helping you avoid having to pay for potential repairs out-of-pocket.
  • Savings: If the AC system in your Long Island home is regularly maintained, it likely will perform better and use less energy. And, when you save energy, you ultimately save money on your utility bills as well.
  • Air Quality: Your tune-up includes changing your system’s air filter. A dirty filter not only causes your system to work harder, it allows mold, dust and pollen to circulate through your home – and nobody wants that!

Find out how you can get AC maintenance for your Long Island home.

Getting the maintenance you need is easy, when you call on T.F. O’Brien to help. To schedule an AC maintenance appointment for your Long Island home, just give us a call at 516.488.1800, or use our convenient online contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you – and keep your AC running all summer long.

5 Reasons Why You Need AC Maintenance

Concerned about keeping your cooling system in the best possible condition? No worries – annual maintenance can help! According to the Department of Energy, not getting system maintenance can lead to inefficiency and a steady decline in equipment performance. Keeping your heating and cooling equipment well maintained is crucial; T.F. O’Brien’s professional trained HVAC service technicians can help.

Still not sure annual cooling system maintenance is what you need? Here are five benefits that your AC system will enjoy:

  1. Less worry about the safety of your AC system. Much like taking your vehicle for an annual tune-up, our technicians will inspect your cooling system and equipment. They’ll check for refrigerant leaks and make sure electrical components are in good working order, so you can count on your system’s safety.
  2. You’ll avoid an HVAC system breakdown at the worst possible time. Maintenance keeps your AC system clean, and takes care of minor problems and repairs. Lack of cleaning and tune-up can, unfortunately, lead to a breakdown at the most inopportune time. That’s when we’re at our busiest, too, so finding immediate service can be a frustrating challenge.
  3. You won’t void your system warranty. Many manufacturers require that your cooling system is regularly maintained in order to keep the warranty intact. Not getting the maintenance you need could mean you’ll be stuck with a major breakdown – and costly repairs that your warranty will no longer cover.
  4. You’ll save money on cooling. When you call for maintenance, part of the service includes cleaning of your system. That’s important, because when an AC system is dirty it works harder, and much less efficiently – taking more money from your wallet when it comes time to pay utility bills.
  5. Your whole family will breathe easier. Changing the air filter is an important part of AC maintenance. When your system circulates air through a dirty filter, those particles make their way into the air you and your family breathe. Getting the seasonal maintenance your system needs keeps indoor air free of mold, pollen and dust.

To take advantage of all of these great benefits, and have a qualified HVAC service technician inspect your system – call T.F. O’Brien today. We look forward to helping you with your annual maintenance needs.

Spring Into Ductless

Spring is a great time for home improvements. If you’ve been considering adding to your space – but you’re not sure how to manage heating and cooling this new or converted area of your home – you might want to consider ductless. Ductless offers both heating and cooling, so you’ll get year-round comfort, without having to connect to your existing ductwork system or adding new ductwork. Additions, converted garages and attics, and finished basements can become spaces your family can enjoy all year long!

The beauty of ductless heating and cooling is that it can help keep those areas comfortable; winter, spring, summer and fall. It both effectively heats and cools your home, making it perfect for year-round use. Not to mention, by keeping a consistent climate throughout your home, your main heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard, and will operate more efficiently, too.

By choosing ductless this spring, you’ll enjoy many additional benefits.

Of course, a ductless system will make those areas of your home without ductwork more comfortable. That just goes without saying! But, you should know that there are other advantages to ductless as well:

  • Ductless heating and cooling is efficient. Because they use advanced heat pump technology, ductless systems offer high efficiency, making them an extremely cost-effective choice for your space.
  • Ductless systems are quiet. These systems are made to operate so that they don’t disturb homeowners with noisy operation. Unlike space heaters, which can emit a buzzing noise, or the loud sounds window AC units often make, ductless is whisper-quiet, so you’re able to better enjoy the comfort.
  • Heating and cooling with ductless can help with air quality. Ductless systems are made to filter the conditioned air they push out into your living space. They trap many of the particles that can get circulated through the air, helping create a cleaner environment with fewer allergens.
  • Ductless systems are non-obtrusive. Having your ductless system installed requires very little construction work, and you won’t have to worry about the cost and mess that comes with adding ductwork to your home. And, ductless systems are made to blend in seamlessly with virtually any home décor.

Make your converted space or addition one the whole family loves this spring – choose ductless heating and cooling to make it a welcoming area year round. At T.F. O’Brien, we’re happy to help you get the ductless system you need for your home.

Who Should I Hire for Heating Repair for My Long Island Home?

Winter has been pretty relentless this year, and that means heating systems all over Long Island have been working extra hard to keep people comfortable. Sometimes, especially if the system is older or hasn’t received the heating maintenance it needs, heavy use can cause some wear and tear – and lead to a system breakdown. Nothing is worse than having a heating system on the fritz when the temperatures are super-chilly! If it happens to you, you might be asking yourself, “Who should I hire for heating repair for my Long Island home?” That’s why we’re sharing a few reasons that we think you should give us a call.

At T.F. O’Brien, we’re proud of the premium level of services we offer our customers. While that means that customers might not always get the lowest price from us, they’ll always get the very best service. We don’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to your home comfort, and we strive to provide exemplary service so that you and your family aren’t just comfortable in the short-term, but for years to come. But don’t just take our word for it…

Angie’s List Super Service Award

Our customers have been so satisfied with the work we’ve done for them that their ratings and references qualified us for the Angie’s List Super Service Award. That’s an honor enjoyed by less than five percent of providers rated on their site.

To Your Success

We proudly have a five-star customer satisfaction designation with this customer satisfaction company, with nearly 600 verified customer reviews.

Memberships & Certifications

We’re proud members of several business and trade organizations, including NARI LI/NYC and ACCA, as well as the Huntington Township and the New Hyde Park Chambers of Commerce. And, we’re especially proud of our NATE-certified technicians. NATE certification means that our techs are at the top of their field, and they know your heating needs go far beyond the initial installation. Additionally, we’re EPA and BPI heating-certified, so we’re committed to helping you enjoy not only better comfort – but better energy efficiency, too.

T.F. O’Brien offers the best heating repair available for your Long Island home.

Our technicians will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of the heating system in your Long Island home. Then, they’ll explain the best solution to help you get the repairs you need, making your home as comfortable and energy-efficient as possible. And, in the unfortunate circumstance that you may have to replace your heating system, they’ll show you all the options available to you, helping you make the best choices for your home and your budget.

Don’t let a heating repair situation leave you out in the cold – let the pros at T.F. O’Brien help you get the heating repairs you need for your Long Island home. Just give us a call at 516.488.1800, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

How Do I Know If I Need Furnace Services for My Long Island Home?

Winter has been brutal this year, the snowy, cold weather seemingly endless. Many people have relied on their furnaces more than usual this year. That has meant that their furnaces are working overtime – and sometimes that can lead to mechanical issues, especially if the furnace hasn’t received the regular maintenance it needs. It can be a little difficult to know if you need furnace services for your Long Island home, and who’s qualified to get you the help you need.

Clearly, if you notice anything like strange odors or unusual noises like banging or grinding coming from your furnace, call us right away because those point to serious concerns. We’re sharing a few more general concerns that can point to the need for furnace services below, courtesy of ENERGY STAR.

Five Signs That You Need Furnace Services

Rising Energy Bills

This can be a tough one to recognize, especially if you’ve been running your furnace more than usual. But, if your energy bills have increased dramatically, or if you notice a spike in cost from the beginning of the season to now, you could have some mechanical concerns happening. A marked increase in energy costs that can’t be accounted for by rising prices and/or usage could indicate your equipment isn’t operating as efficiently and effectively as it should, and should probably be checked out.

Hot or Cold Spots

If some of your rooms are way too warm, but others seem chilly, this could mean your equipment is operating improperly. It could also point to other problems in your home, like ductwork concerns or poor insulation. When you call T.F. O’Brien, we’ll help you get to the root of the hot/cold spot problem.

Air Quality Problems

If you’ve noticed an increase of dust and air particles over the course of winter, it could be a sign of concern for your heating system. While it could indicate that you have leaky ductwork in areas like attics, crawl spaces or basement, there could be another problem that’s far simpler to solve. Poor indoor air quality is often a sign of a dirty filter – and that can be easily remedied. It is generally recommended that equipment filters be changed monthly during times of heavy use. You can either DIY, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Unusual Dryness

Sometimes when furnace services are needed, homeowners will notice that their homes are unusually dry. Some indicators of overly dry air include itchy skin, nasal dryness, respiratory issues, creaking woodwork and furniture, and static cling. If you’re noticing a combination of these factors happening in your home, it could point to poor equipment operation, inadequately sized equipment, or ductwork concerns. 

Older Equipment

It’s just a fact – the older your furnace is, the harder it has to work to heat your home and the less efficient it is. If your furnace is more than 10 years old, it could be time to start thinking about a replacement, especially if you’ve been paying a lot for repairs or your energy bills are exorbitant. Hint: you can prolong the life of your furnace by getting annual maintenance.

You can count on T.F. O’Brien if you need furnace services for your Long Island home.

Just give us a call at 516.488.1800, and we’ll be more than happy to help you get the furnace services you need.