Need Heating Repairs in Your Long Island, NY Home? T.F. O’Brien Can Help

When people think of heating repair, they tend to envision waking up on the coldest night of the year, only to find temperatures in their home dipping and their thermostat unresponsive. Unfortunately, it’s true that this is often the way many people discover their heating system is in need of repair – and it can be one of the most costly and most dangerous ways, too. That’s because a malfunctioning system can produce fumes and carbon monoxide, and there is always the worry about the pilot light. Heating systems break down for many reasons, some of which are obvious, while others might not be so clear. Here are a few causes that you might want to consider:

Older Heating Systems: Obviously, the older the system is, the more likely it’s going to break down. This is especially true if your heating system hasn’t been properly maintained. If you purchased the home, you have no surefire way of knowing that your system has been kept up to par, or if it has had any prior repair work done to it. If you’re unsure about the condition of your older heating system for any reason, your best bet is to call a trusted HVAC contractor to come in and have a look at it. That way, if it needs any maintenance or repair work done to it, you can have it taken care of before a big breakdown occurs.

Poor Maintenance: As we mentioned above, improper maintenance can adversely affect the life of your heating system. Why? Think of your heating system like your car – what would happen if you never changed the oil or the tires, never had it inspected and never checked the fluid levels? You probably would not expect your car to last very long. The same goes with a heating system. One of the best ways you can keep your system running effectively and efficiently, and avoid costly heating repairs, is by having your system maintained on a regular basis. Regular maintenance not only helps to keep your heating system tuned up, it is also the best time to make those small needed repairs before they get bigger – and more expensive!

Wrong Repair and Maintenance Components: If an HVAC contractor offers you a deal that sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Choosing the right contractor to perform your heating repair services is important, because they’ll have the proper diagnostic equipment and the right replacement parts for the job. When your heating system is repaired with the wrong parts, this can lead to a poorly functioning system. Making sure your contractor holds professional affiliations, has received good customer reviews, is an active member of the HVAC community and has plenty of years of experience in the heating repair, maintenance and installation businesses can help you avoid hiring someone who may not have your best interests in mind.

Of course, the best preventative measure you can take is getting annual heating system maintenance for your Long Island, NY home from T.F. O’Brien. If you want to ensure that once the cold winter months arrive, your heating system is operating effectively and efficiently; there is no better way to do so than by heating system maintenance. We offer comprehensive maintenance programs that are designed to help your system achieve peak performance, and help you save on future energy bills and repair costs. When you have a heating system maintenance plan with us, we’ll perform an annual inspection and tune-up on your heating system, and if we find any small repairs that need to be made, our skilled technicians can do so quickly – plus, minor repairs found during maintenance are often much less expensive than those required when your heating system goes into complete malfunction mode!

In the instance that your system breaks down, though, you should call T.F. O’Brien right away so that we can diagnose the issue and get your system fixed for your family’s comfort and safety. Some frequent causes of heating system breakdown include the igniter, the fan/limit control switch, the blower motor and wheel and the gas valve. A qualified technician can best determine if one of these malfunctioning parts is the culprit. Once you and our HVAC technician have determined that repairs are necessary, you should know that getting the heating repairs you need can make a big difference in your Long Island, NY home. You can expect to enjoy improved home comfort levels, but that’s a given. Your home will be warmer for less, though, because a properly functioning heating system generally takes less energy to operate than one that’s working poorly. So you can expect increased home comfort and a savings on your utility bills once your system is operating up to par.

When you need a heating system repair in your Long Island, NY home, you can trust the professionals at T.F. O’Brien. We’ve been providing heating system repair for more than 80 years, which we think shows how dedicated we are to providing you with the best customer service and the highest quality heating repair work available. Our technicians are highly trained, and provide a comprehensive evaluation of your heating system. Then, they show you the best solution to make your home as comfortable and energy-efficient as possible. We use the most advanced diagnostic equipment, instruments and tools available so that we’re able to evaluate your heating system repair needs quickly and thoroughly, which will help save you time and money.

What’s more, T.F. O’Brien provides heating system repair on all makes and models of heating equipment, so no matter what you currently own, we can help you should a repair need arise – even if you didn’t purchase your system from us. We take great pride in prompt service, too, so we’ll work to repair your heating system quickly and effectively. When you need heating system repair for your Long Island, NY home, T.F. O’Brien can help. Simply give us a call at 516.488.1800 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.