A Winter Tune-Up Prevents Equipment Failure

Your household heating system contains many complex components, all of which can be damaged by neglect, the build-up of dirt and general use during the cold winter months. Letting your system fall into neglect can cause energy inefficiency and even premature system failure.

Your heating system is an investment. If you take care of it, it will continue to take care of you and your family. One of the most important steps you can take is having experienced professionals perform regular maintenance, especially in preparation for the harsh New York winters. At T.F. O’Brien & Co. we believe in the importance of a precision heating tune-up for every HVAC system.

There are many factors that cause poor performance in your central heating system. Dirt and dust particles collect on the equipment. Soot and carbon deposits build up, especially around the burner and in the combustion chamber. This area is also the site of scaling on equipment. Another problem is iron oxide (rust), naturally produced over time and everyday use. The particles form a black sludge that sticks to interior surfaces and corrodes valves, pumps, and more. During our heating tune-up our highly trained technicians will provide a thorough inspection for dirt, dust, rust, corrosion and all risk factors, correcting them at your discretion.

Included in our heating tune-up, our experienced technicians will test the safety of your system’s operating controls, monitoring for combustion leaks and carbon monoxide, as well as make any necessary adjustments to your thermostat, wiring and connections.

Ensuring your system is in excellent shape for the winter will prolong its lifespan, and can keep your energy costs down by as much as 20%. This not only means you save money, but you also use less energy and contribute less to greenhouse gases. Let our professionals ensure all the components of your system are performing at maximum efficiency and safety so you and your family are not left out in the cold.

T.F. O’Brien services the Long Island, New York area.

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