Ductless Mini-Splits Offer These 5 Heating And Cooling Benefits

Ductless mini-split benefits long island, ny areaHomeowners looking for an efficient heating and cooling option should consider ductless mini-splits. They are suitable in several applications, and offer high-tech, comfortable results.

The mini-split system has two parts: the air handlers, which are installed inside, and an air pump, or condenser, which is set up on the outside of the home. The two components are connected by a central conduit line and monitored by a remote control unit.

These types of systems are particularly useful for an add-on room, or for existing rooms without a heating or cooling system. And they provide the ultimate in control over energy savings, allowing you to use the air handlers to deliver precise heating and cooling.

Ductless mini-splits offer several unique heating and cooling advantages:

  1. They allow you to cool, or heat, one room at a time. Each air handler is set up to handle one or two rooms in the house. Therefore, you can cool or heat only the room you are using, allowing for energy savings.
  2. They do not require ductwork. If you are installing a mini-split system in an addition to your home, installing ductwork can be a big, expensive job. Ducted systems tend be less efficient, with energy losses through cracks and leaks commonplace. Mint-splits don’t use ductwork to distribute conditioned air, so they operate more efficiently and are a less expensive investment.
  3. You can monitor your home’s temperature with the system’s remote control. Precision temperature control means you can make your home just as cool, or warm, as you like.
  4. The mini-split system is powered by a heat pump, which uses energy efficiently. In fact, heat pumps tend to operate at 400 percent efficiency, meaning they can return four dollars worth of heat for every one dollar spent on energy.
  5. Ductless systems operate quietly. Compared to a window unit or forced-air system, this is a great advantage.

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