Have Your Ductwork Design And Installation Inspected For Better Efficiency

Have Your Ductwork Design And Installation Inspected For Better EfficiencyLeaks and Gaps in Your Home’s Ductwork Will Waste Precious Energy


Problems in the ductwork design and installation in Long Island homes are one of the leading reasons they lose heat. Whether you are getting a new air system or you are not completely satisfied with your current system’s efficiency, getting your ductwork inspected can help you save money on energy bills.

Your ductwork is responsible for distributing conditioned air throughout your home. Up to 15 percent of air that you have already paid to condition can be lost before it ever reaches its destination.

Ductwork design and installation usually includes ductwork that is concealed within walls or floors, but they can also be installed in dropped ceilings or in room corners where they are hidden. It is inevitable that some air will escape; however, by avoiding installation in areas that do not need to be cooled, like the attic or basement, unnecessary air losses are prevented.

Duct supply configurations work to push conditioned air through your home and revolve around two different premises: trunk and branch or radial. Either type works well to supply air within a conditioned space, and their designs are intended to distribute a balanced supply of air throughout the home and increase efficiency.

There are two common duct return configurations that get efficient results:

  1. A return duct is installed within each room that directs air back to the heating and cooling systems.
  2. A central return grille on each floor of a home returns air.

Without a balanced air flow through supply and return ducts, your heating and cooling systems have to work harder and longer to comfortably condition the home.

An inspection by an HVAC professional will spot any problems and provide you with solutions to keep your air system efficient.   These may be as simple as keeping ducts closed in unused rooms or could entail insulating your ducts in the winter so your warm air doesn’t get cold.

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