Enjoy Insulation Benefits in All Seasons on Long Island

insulation benefits-all seasons - Long Island, New YorkMost people know that insulation benefits homeowners in the winter by keeping out the cold, but it also benefits your home during warmer months by sealing in cool air and keeping the heat out. If you’re unsure if your home is adequately insulated, check to make sure that it meets the needs of our climate.

Insulation benefits are rated with R-values, which reflect the measurement of thermal resistance. A larger R-value means greater insulation properties. The material as well as the thickness determine your R-value.

On Long Island, we need a minimum of R-40 insulation in most ceilings and attics. You can look for an R-value on your insulation, or a service pro can take a look to determine what insulation you have.

The benefits of insulation come from the separation of indoor air from outdoor air. Air pressure makes your indoor air want to mix with the outdoor air since air wants to be the same temperature all over. By stopping the flow of heat, insulation helps create a micro climate inside the home that’s less affected by outdoor temperatures.

In the summer, thicker insulation further separates your air conditioned air from the baking temperatures outside. Other insulation benefits come from reflective barriers that prevent your home from absorbing the sun’s radiant heat. All this helps your air conditioning system operate with less stress.

In the winter, insulation works to trap warm air inside the home. Since heat rises, your home loses heat mostly through the attic, roof and walls. Insulation slows down this process, keeping more of the heated air in your home to keep you comfortable.

Insulation also helps your HVAC system work more efficiently. With better insulation, you ultimately save on energy costs since your A/C will work less in the summer and your heating system will have a lighter load in the winter.

Personal comfort and energy costs are both vital insulation benefits that let you enjoy your home year-round. To learn more about whether your home has the proper insulation, contact the pros at T.F. O’Brien Cooling & Heating. We’ve been servicing the HVAC needs of Long Island homeowners since 1934.

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