New Heating Systems Offer The Perfect Opportunity to Add an Air Purifier

Updating or adding a new heating system is a smart move. After the brutal winter we have had in the New York area, installation of a high efficiency heating system can prepare us for next winter and get us ready to reap the rewards of better energy savings.

Getting a new heating system installed is also the best time to add options. When the old is going out and the new is going in, it’s an easy time for adding an air purifier to the new equipment.

Installing an air purifier will ensure that the new system not only delivers heat more cheaply but also keeps it clean. Indoor air can quality can be an issue for many reasons. Furniture and fabrics in the home, pets, carpeting, household chemicals and aerosol sprays all can contribute to poor air quality.

Mold spores, microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria can infiltrate the air in our homes and threaten the health of our families.

Modern air purification additions make sure the air in the entire home gets cleaned. Room purifiers work fine–one room at a time. But a whole-house purifier added to the heating system takes the indoor air quality steps beyond what simple room purifiers are able to do.

Adding air cleaning equipment can utilize the filtration process as well as UV  (Ultraviolet) light technology to destroy and clean those living organisms out of indoor air. A new air purifier can even eliminate household odors, preventing them from circulating through the ducts.

Getting a new heating system coupled with an air purifier gives assurances that the system is the latest in comfort coupled with the best in healthy and clean air.

If you are considering a new heating system, go a step beyond and think of   your indoor air quality as well. The staff at T.F. O’Brien can offer suggestions and information about the latest technology in both heating and clean air. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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