Ominous Boiler Sounds? Read on, and Learn How to Deal

Ominous boiler sounds, such as rumbling and banging, may be signs of normal aging, or perhaps a repair is all that’s needed. However, if your boiler is on its last leg, and you’ve decided that the time is right to take advantage of system replacement rebates, seasonal specials and expiring tax credits, keep reading to learn how to do it right.

Spooky Sounds From the Floor, Ceiling and Walls?

Odd sounds emanating from your boiler are no laughing matter. While noises may indicate a dozen or more possible issues, these are a few of the more serious concerns:

  • Rumbling can indicate an oil leak into the combustion chamber, which increases puff-back risk.
  • Vibrations indicate worn motor bearings, a faulty transformer or a failing fuel unit.
  • Banging noises are often caused by lime-scale buildup, which greatly reduces heating efficiency.

Heating System Replacement

Heating accounts for the majority of a home’s annual energy bill, so it will serve you well to carefully consider performance-driven features of new heating systems, whether you decide to go with a new boiler replacement, a furnace or a hybrid furnace/heat pump.

To quickly narrow your search, look for heating systems displaying the Energy Star logo, and ask your HVAC contractor for a cost analysis, which details the lifetime cost of purchasing and operating potential replacement systems.

Prepare Your Long Island Home

In order to take advantage of all the performance benefits and efficiency of your new heating system, you must prepare your home. An energy audit is a useful tool, which reveals air leaks in your home’s shell and insulation deficiencies which may exist in the attic, floor and walls. Do you have enough insulation in the attic? Your HVAC contractor can tell you.

Your HVAC pro also needs to evaluate the ductwork prior to installation to make sure the ducts can handle the static pressure created by airflow.

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