Once You Know How Efficiently Geothermal Systems Work, You’ll Be Sold

Geothermal system - long island, nyThanks to new technology, homeowners searching for energy solutions have more options than ever. Renewable energy sources like solar have been getting the bulk of the credit, but what environmentally friendly energy source will truly give you the most benefit over the long-term?  

The answer is geothermal. Offering a clean, quiet and cost-efficient form of renewable energy, geothermal heating and cooling systems can markedly lower your annual household utility expenses.

How do these geothermal systems work?  Simply put, the ground absorbs almost 50 percent more heat than the air, and this underground heat is what geothermal systems utilize. To bring this power to your home, the system warms up liquid-filled pipes, then it pulls this  liquefied  heat to the surface, and disperses it through traditional ductwork.  As for cooling, the opposite process occurs, with the hot air being drawn back to the pipe system and exhausted.

The majority of the installation is done indoors and underground, making geothermal power durable and safe from harsh weather conditions, with the underground pipes able to last up to 50 years. Also, there are no loud fans to install, making this dependable and long-lasting power source a quiet and unobtrusive one as well.

The efficiency of these systems is further enhanced with energy distributed via a heat pump, which can quadruple a unit of energy, or produce up to $4 for every $1 of heat it consumes to condition the air inside your home. In addition, considering that the earth is constantly absorbing heat, you’re guaranteed to have an unlimited supply of energy for as long as you use the system. Even with high initial costs, homeowners often see a return on these expenses within the first 10 years, due to geothermal’s efficiency. Furthermore, as an example proving its net-positive effect on the environment, installing a geothermal system in your house is equal to planting almost eight hundred trees and taking two vehicles off the roads permanently.

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