Why More Homeowners Are Investigating Dual Fuel Systems

A dual fuel system is a combination  gas furnace and electric heat pump.  Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and can produce as much as four   times the amount of energy they consume, according to EnergySavers.gov.

Dual systems are often the best choice for both heating and cooling your home here in the Long Island area because they intelligently alternate between energy sources. This way they can use the most economical power source at any given moment.

The higher initial cost of dual fuel models is easily recouped with just a couple of years of monthly utility savings. The versatile system will automatically switch from electric heat to furnace operation when it reaches a balance point set by your HVAC contractor. When local utilities change pricing, the balance point can be changed accordingly.

Besides saving money, dual fuel systems can keep your family more comfortable in all weather. Heat pumps provide consistent, even heating without the blasts of hot air you might get from a furnace. EnergyStar.gov notes that high-efficiency pumps may also dehumidify the air better than conventional central air conditioners.

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