Indoor Air Quality Tips As Spring Allergies Set In

Make Your Home an Oasis From Allergens

The long winter is finally over, and that can only mean one thing: it’s allergy season! And here on Long Island the suffering can get pretty bad, pretty quickly.

There are some simple steps you can take, however, to protect yourself and your family, and increase your indoor air quality. You get enough grief all day, from sitting in traffic on the L.I.E to spending yet another long day at work… Why be miserable inside your own home?

First off, make sure you replace your air filters regularly. Your air filters get clogged over time with dust and other allergy-inducing particles, and should be swapped out for fresh ones often. If you’re still suffering some ill effects, even after changing them out, you may want to consider upgrading to more effective (though also more expensive) filters.

Next, make sure you keep your home clean and vacuum regularly. Take a shower before you go to sleep, and keep pets off your bed! Particles like pollen and pet dander can build up on your clothes and on your sheets, and trouble you while you sleep.

Your home isn’t a sealed bubble; your indoor air quality is affected by what’s going on right outside. Make sure you tend to noxious flowering plants and weeds right outside. Every little bit can help a lot.

Also, if you haven’t had your home’s air system serviced recently, now is a great time. Worn equipment and gaps in your air ducts and vents can be pulling untreated air in from outside, or even dust from within your walls and attic. Getting your system serviced will not only improve your indoor air quality, it will most likely save you some money, too.

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