You Protect Your Computer With a Surge Suppressor, Why Not Your HVAC System?

All Electronics Need Protection From Power Surges

Your heating and cooling system is no different.

When lightning strikes nearby or a storm knocks down a power line, it’s possible to send a surge of energy through the power grid, damaging sensitive electronics. Anything with a microprocessor is at risk, including your heating and cooling system.  

The best shield against this is a a surge suppressor, or surge protector.
The last thing you want to do is replace an air conditioning and heating control system because of a power surge.

Here are two of the options:

  • HVAC surge suppressors can be installed at your heating and cooling system for a couple hundred dollars.
  • Whole-house surge suppressors can be purchased and installed for a slightly higher cost. As the name implies, these are designed to protect all the electronics in the house. However, they won’t protect your heating and cooling equipment, as well. That’s not what they are designed for.

A surge suppressor of some type is crucial in protecting your heating and cooling equipment.  There are other benefits as well.
Such a system will add to your home’s value and is a great way to differentiate your home from others in the area.  The protection functions like an electronics insurance program. It’s a small fee now that will protect against larger expenditures later.  There are other important things to note. Your surge suppressor might not need any maintenance, but it will need professional installation. The installation process is fairly short, but it needs to be done right.  Also, keep the manual handy. Surge suppressors can turn off your equipment when a surge comes through. You’ll want the manual to know how to turn everything back on.

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