WiFi Thermostats Are Cutting Edge, but What Do They Do?

How Technology Can Make Home Comfort More Comfortable and Economical

We have long praised the benefits of owning a programmable thermostat. Not only do they help reduce energy consumption by working less while your family is away or asleep, but they’re a confident way to see that your family remains comfortable no matter where they are in your home. But, programmable thermostats do have a few disadvantages that WiFi thermostats skirt. 

WiFi thermostats allow users to adjust temperature settings from afar with only an a computer, tablet or cellular device that has Internet access.

But turning your heater or air conditioner on while you’re still at work is only part of the benefit of installing a WiFi-capable in-home thermostat. Thanks to its intuitive design, these thermostats can actually learn the users’ habits and preferences and adjust your homes temperature accordingly.

Though some models require very little assistance to install, other WiFi thermostats require a professional installer in order for them to run at optimum performance. These professionally installed systems benefit the user by adding additional sensors throughout the interior and exterior of your home, which allows for more thorough temperature control.

WiFi-controlled thermostats are also easier to program than other models and may not even require manual programming at all thanks to their ability to learn learn a user’s preference and adjust the home’s temperature accordingly. For example, some models will note when the home is empty by relying on motion sensors and can even predict when someone will arrive at home again. They can also sense which rooms are used most often and focus on those areas more than others, thus increasing energy efficiency.

Today, it seems that almost everything is WiFi-ready. Why not have a thermostat that is as well? Being able to connect your homes thermostat to an Internet connection opens many doors in terms of home comfort including the ability to monitor and adjust your homes temperature from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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