5 Reasons NOT to Get AC for Your Suffolk Home

The summer heat will be here before we know it, and that means many people will be turning up the AC in their Suffolk homes. But for some, hearing about all the great benefits that air conditioning has to offer gets to be too much year after year. For those people, they’d like to learn more about why they shouldn’t think about installing AC in their home. So, we’ve decided to share with you why you might not want to consider new air conditioning any time soon.

Here are five reasons NOT to get AC for your Suffolk home.

  • You’re a big fan of humidity. Mildew, schmildew. Damp walls, sticky furniture, and feeling like you’re living in a tropical rainforest… these are a few of your favorite things. The dehumidifying properties of air conditioning, on the other hand, cramp your style.
  • You enjoy being hot and sticky. While most people would prefer mild, dry indoor temperatures, you’re all about sweating it out. Why visit a sauna when your own home can be one? An air conditioner is only going to make the indoor temperatures bearable and welcoming to friends and family – and nobody wants that.
  • You sneeze at the thought of keeping allergens at bay. Yeah, yeah… we all know that air conditioning is recommended if you’re an allergy sufferer. But even though you realize AC can keep airborne pollen from trees, grasses and weeds from entering your Suffolk home, you prefer an itchy, sneezy, runny nose.
  • You like hearing your family complain. While most people enjoy a peaceful haven, you like it when everyone is whining about the heat. If you’re at your happiest when the kids are grumpy, your spouse is petulant and the even the cat hisses at you, AC in your Suffolk home is definitely not the right choice for you.

Of course, at T.F. O’Brien we know most people don’t really want to experience any of the above. If you’re in that category, then you might want to give us a call if the heat has become a little more than you can bear. We can install a variety of different types of air conditioning systems that suit the AC needs of your Suffolk home. You can count on us to provide you with professional, quality AC installation, as well as any other air conditioning service you may need. Just give us a call at 516-488-1800 and we’ll help you get the right AC for your Suffolk home.