Air-Handler Options To Increase Efficiency And Comfort For Long Island Homeowners

Air-Handler Options - Long IslandThis summer is shaping up to be a brutal one  on Long Island. Having an air conditioner that can go the distance is important. With rising fuel prices, it’s also important to save as much energy as possible.

Conventional A/C air handlers are designed to operate at one speed: 100 percent. However, you may not always need your air conditioner running at full capacity. At certain times of day, when you might be only a minor temperature adjustment, full-capacity operation can waste energy.

You can save energy and increase comfort with a variable-speed air handler, also called a dual-speed air handler. With a variable-speed system, the motor can run closer to your particular cooling needs at any time. That saves energy in the same way a dimmer switch saves energy, allowing your lights to run at less than full capacity.

Other advantages of variable-speed air handlers:

  • Effective dehumidification. With  our  summer humidity levels, it’s important to prevent your indoor air from becoming too moist, which can foster bacteria and  mold growth. Variable-speed systems have been shown to remove more moisture from the air than standard air conditioners, in some cases up to 15 gallons a day.
  • More consistent comfort. A dual-speed system minimizes sudden blasts of cold air and helps prevent your home from feeling either a little too warm or a little too cold. They also can help reduce warm and cold “trouble spots” throughout the house.
  • Improved indoor air quality. Indoor air quality is one of the top health risks in the U.S., according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Because air moves through a dual-speed system more slowly much of the time, the filter has more time to trap contaminants.
  • Quieter operation. Lower speeds means less noise.

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