Boiler on the Fritz? Five Things You Can Do Until Help Arrives.

Chilly winter weather can mean your boiler is working overtime, and sometimes that can also spell trouble. An overworked boiler is more prone to breakdown. If your boiler goes on the fritz this winter, you’ll unfortunately have to deal with no heat until help arrives. Nobody likes to think about a boiler breakdown, but if it happens in your home, there are ways you can prepare yourself.

Here are five ways you can be prepared for a boiler breakdown – and what to do while you wait for T.F. O’Brien to arrive to help with repairs.

Take measures to prevent the breakdown before it happens. Sometimes a boiler breakdown isn’t avoidable, but sometimes… it is. Making sure your heated areas are well insulated, and windows and doors are weatherproofed can help. Other measures, like area rugs on floors and heavier draperies can also help retain heat so that your system doesn’t have to work overtime.

Have an action plan in place in the event of equipment failure. Make sure you have another heat source available, such as an electric space heater or kerosene-fueled heater. If this isn’t possible, consider in advance where you and your family might stay while waiting for repairs if necessary.

Get winter wear and other cozy items together. It’s good to have an emergency bin filled with hats, mittens, hoodies, sweaters, scarves, fleece throws, blankets and any other comfy item you might need should you experience a breakdown. If the breakdown happens during the night, staying in your bed with extra blankets and even cuddling with other family members and pets can help you stay warm!

Take your pipes into account, too. Drain water from any pipes in your home that could freeze, or open taps enough to keep a steady drip of warm water running through the line.

Call for help. When you need help, and you need it fast, you can rely on T.F. O’Brien to be there as soon as possible. Call us when you have an emergency, 24/7, even on holidays or weekends.

T.F. O’Brien can help with repairs… and help you avoid a boiler breakdown altogether.

You can often avoid suffering through a boiler breakdown when you choose annual maintenance for your boiler, too. Annual maintenance agreements are an easy and affordable way to keep your system running in tip-top shape, and to ensure that if there ever is an emergency, you’ll receive priority treatment at a lower price. Call us today to learn more about our repair services and our annual maintenance plans, too.