Count on T.F. O’Brien for the Innovative Boiler Services You Need

If it’s just about time to replace the boiler in your Nassau County, NY home, then you should call T.F. O’Brien. We offer boiler services throughout the area so that our customers never have to be without the boiler heat they need. What’s more, we work hard to stay on the cutting edge of boiler technology, so that we’re able to provide you with boiler services that are both effective and innovative. One of the products we proudly install is the wall-hung boiler – an energy efficient, flood resistant boiler unit that proves good things come in small packages. ENERGY STAR designates the wall-hung boilers we install in your home as among the most efficient on the market today.  But you may be wondering what, exactly, a wall hung boiler is. Here are five ways these boilers are different, innovative and perfect for your home.

  • Wall hung boilers are super efficient. Many of the models we provide offer you a huge 95 percent efficiency level. That means that only five percent of the heat produced by these boilers is lost, whereas the rest is used to heat your home. Considering that boilers more than 10 years old can be up to 30 percent less efficient than today’s boilers, the energy you save by installing a new wall hung boiler will be significant.
  • Wall hung boilers can weather the storm. Or more appropriately, a flood in the aftermath of a storm. That’s because wall hung boilers are mounted directly on the wall instead of on the floor, which also helps you save on valuable floor space in your Nassau County, NY home. Home flooding often spells disaster when it comes to your boiler – mounting it on the wall can help keep it clear should flooding occur.
  • Wall hung boilers are space savers. As we mentioned above, installing a wall hung boiler means you get to save valuable floor space. But that’s not the only reason – most wall hung units are packaged, which means that all of the features, such as sensors, microcomputer and condensing unit, that are outside on a traditional system are completely built in. Their compact size means they can be installed in spaces where traditional boilers might not fit.
  • Wall hung boilers are quiet. You won’t hear a lot of noise from your new wall hung boiler. These units are manufactured to operate in a much more quiet manner than their older counterparts. Plus, if your current boiler is noisy, sounds like rumblings, vibrations and banging could mean there are some problems. Any time you suspect you may need boiler service in your Nassau County, NY home, call us – we want you to stay safe!
  • Wall hung boilers are a “greener” way to heat your home. We’ve mentioned that wall hung boilers are super efficient, which already helps them be the more environmentally sound choice for home heating. But they also can cut fuel consumption and gas emissions in comparison to conventional heating systems.

If your boiler is old, you live in an area prone to flooding, or you just want better energy efficiency, it might be time to consider a wall hung boiler for your home. When you need innovative boiler services and solutions for your Nassau County, NY home, you can count on T.F. O’Brien to help. When you call us, we’ll show you your options and provide you with the best in quality products and installation. Just give us a call at 516.488.1800 and we will be more than happy to assist you.