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Are you facing challenges with a room in your Dix Hills, NY home or dealing with a commercial space lacking proper climate control? If the idea of installing ductwork appears impractical or overwhelming, explore the benefits of ductless heating. These systems offer high-efficiency heating, ensuring comfort in spaces without pre-existing ductwork. While commonly used for individual rooms, ductless heating also provides multi-unit options, offering flexibility to address various heating requirements.. View Ductless Heating FAQ’s.

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Ductless heating systems go beyond spaces lacking ductwork; they also present an ideal solution for addressing temperature imbalances in your Dix Hills, NY home or office. These systems not only optimize energy efficiency in surrounding areas but also provide precise temperature control in zones where climate management may be inconsistent. Mounted directly on the wall or ceiling, ductless systems seamlessly integrate with any décor, providing a sleek alternative to space heaters, which can be cumbersome and noisy. Opting for ductless heating ensures a non-obtrusive and quiet solution for problematic rooms or outbuildings, allowing you to fully enjoy enhanced comfort without the drawbacks of a window AC.

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    Opting for T.F. O’Brien for your ductless heating needs ensures exceptional installation services. Our team excels at seamlessly installing ductless heating systems in your Dix Hills, NY home or business, eliminating the need for patching, painting, or additional ductwork. Any living or working space without ductwork becomes an ideal candidate for ductless heating, including converted attics, additions, finished basements, sunrooms, older homes, kiosks, and off-hours offices. Furthermore, entrusting us with your ductless heating requirements grants you access to our comprehensive range of heating services, providing a holistic solution for all your comfort needs.
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    • Heating Maintenance in Dix Hills, NY Ensuring the safety and warmth of your family throughout the extended, chilly winter months requires prioritizing heating system maintenance. Recognizing the crucial role maintenance plays in the longevity of your equipment, we provide our customers with comprehensive heating system maintenance plans. Our focus is on ensuring the proper upkeep of your heating system, promoting peak performance, and ultimately resulting in improved energy efficiency and savings on utility bills.
    • Heating Repair in Dix Hills, NY As you may know, heating systems tend to break down on the coldest nights of the year. In such urgent situations, trust T.F. O’Brien as your reliable heating contractor. Our highly trained technicians utilize advanced diagnostic equipment, instruments, and tools to promptly and comprehensively assess your heating system’s repair needs. This efficient approach not only saves you time and money but also ensures a swift return to a warm and comfortable environment.
    • Heating Systems in Dix Hills NY When it’s time to consider a new heating system for your home, rely on us for expert assistance. We take pride in delivering the market’s highest quality and most efficient heating systems to our customers. Our systems are meticulously crafted for enduring durability and optimal efficiency, resulting in substantial energy and cost savings during the colder months. Our commitment remains steadfast in providing top-notch heating systems and services to ensure your home remains warm and comfortable.
    • New Heating System Installations in Dix Hills, NY For a new heating system installation ahead of the upcoming winter, contact the professionals at T.F. O’Brien without delay. We prioritize your best interests, delivering high-quality installations to ensure optimal comfort and safety. Our systems are designed to maintain your home at the highest comfort levels, emphasizing energy efficiency and reducing heating costs. With T.F. O’Brien, your satisfaction is guaranteed, making us your trusted partner for a reliable and efficient heating solution.
    • Heating Service in Dix Hills, NY Have you considered that guaranteeing the long life and optimal efficiency of your home’s heating system is best accomplished through regular heating service? Similar to a vehicle, heating equipment needs routine service to sustain smooth and efficient operation, prioritizing the comfort and safety of you and your family. At T.F. O’Brien, our highly trained technicians excel in all aspects of heating service and are ready to ensure that your heating system operates flawlessly.
    • Heat Pumps in Dix Hills, NY For a comprehensive heating and cooling solution in one efficient package for you and your family, explore the option of a heat pump installation. Renowned for their high efficiency, heat pumps excel in transferring hot air into your home with minimal energy consumption. Our selection of heat pumps includes top-quality models from leading home comfort brands, engineered to deliver optimal heating and cooling levels, making them both effective and budget-friendly.
    • High Velocity Heating in Dix Hills, NY When faced with limited space unable to accommodate a traditional duct system but in need of improved heating, consider high-velocity heating from T.F. O’Brien. This system incorporates an indoor air handler, outdoor equipment, a connecting line set of pipes between the indoor and outdoor units, along with a small-diameter ductwork system to evenly distribute heated air throughout your home. Especially fitting for older, multi-story homes where larger ductwork is impractical due to space constraints, high-velocity heating emerges as a practical and efficient solution.

    If you think ductless heating sounds like a great option for your Dix Hills home or business and would like to find out more, T.F. O’Brien is ready to assist you. T.F. O’Brien proudly serves Dix Hills, NY. Simply call us at 516.488.1800, and we’ll tell you about the different options for ductless heating and help you find the solution most suited to your needs.


    What are some of the benefits of ductless heating?

    There are numerous benefits to choosing ductless heating for your home, including:
    Tfobrien high velocity home heating

    • Ability to add heating to a converted space or addition
    • No need to add ductwork to your home
    • Improved energy efficiency (over old electric baseboard heat)
    • Easy to control via remote
    • Possible significant savings on your energy bills
    • Year-round comfort
    • Quiet operation

    How does a ductless heating system work?

    Ductless heating is a concept known to many, yet its full understanding may escape some. These systems effectively provide warmth to your home without the need for ductwork. Whether you choose a single-unit installation or opt for multiple units in various spaces, ductless heating systems typically utilize heat pump technology. This involves extracting heat from the outdoor air and transferring it into your home during colder weather. Even as outdoor temperatures drop, residual heat remains, which the heat pump component captures and circulates indoors. Control of ductless systems is usually user-friendly, often facilitated through a remote, enabling easy customization of the temperature in each space.

    Can I use my ductless system year-round?

    Opting for a ductless system offers a significant advantage, as many models are equipped to deliver both heating in winter and cooling during summer. Essentially, you enjoy the benefits of both heating and air conditioning within a single system. If you currently rely on outdated baseboard electric heat and window air conditioning for summer cooling, contemplating a switch to ductless could significantly enhance your home comfort, accompanied by notable improvements in energy efficiency.

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