Five Ways a Home Generator Can Help You Weather the Storm

tfobrien_home-standby-generatorThis time of year, we often see an increase in storm activity on Long Island, including, unfortunately, hurricanes. Storms can lead to power outages, sometimes lasting several days. That’s why it’s important to know that you can protect your home and family during a storm by installing a home generator. We’re sharing five reasons why having a home generator is a good idea, and how you can benefit from having one for your home.

5 Benefits of a Home Generator

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  1. Keeping Your Food Safe: When the power goes out, your refrigerator and freezer stop working. While this is generally not problematic if it’s only for a couple of hours, a prolonged shortage can cause issues. US Food Safety indicates that your refrigerator will only keep your food within a safe temperature range for four hours during an outage, and your freezer 24-48 hours. With a home generator, your refrigerator and freezer will keep working, saving you from the significant expense of having to discard food and beverage items.
  2. Preventing Flooding: If your basement floods during storms (or other times during the year), you likely have a sump pump to keep the water out. However, a sump pump requires electricity to operate, and won’t perform during a power outage. A backup generator can keep your sump pump operable, helping prevent basement flooding and the damage it can cause.
  3. Helping You Stay Safe: During a power outage, you can lose access to lighting, smoke alarms, and CO monitors. Having a home generator helps to ensure that those devices continue to work – keeping you from stumbling around in the dark or not having the valuable protection of your safety devices.
  4. Preserving Electronics & Appliances: While a power outage in and of itself generally will not harm your electronics and appliances, the sudden surge of electricity that flows through your home once power is restored can. If you’re not home when the storm strikes and you’re unable to shut off these items, you may not be able to keep the power surge from doing damage. A home generator can help prevent that.
  5. Providing Important Medical Access: If you have a family member that relies on home medical equipment, like oxygen, a CPAP machine, or a nebulizer, it’s vital that you consider installing a home generator. That way, you won’t have to worry that the equipment needed won’t be available to them in the instance of a power outage.

Can T.F. O’Brien help me with my Long Island home generator needs?

At T.F. O’Brien, we’re pleased to provide our customers with quality home generators that can help them through any power outage – whether it’s just for a few minutes or for a prolonged period of time. We provide automatic standby generators that back up circuits you choose during a power outage. They automatically start within seconds of detecting power loss and run on the home’s existing natural gas or LP fuel supply. You’ll be able to choose a backup option from essential circuit, managed whole-house, or complete whole-house coverage.

And, if you already own a backup generator, we can provide you with any maintenance or repair services you might need to ensure that it will be ready to perform for you when a power outage strikes. Rely on T.F. O’Brien to provide you with a quality generator solution that will help keep you and your family both comfortable and safe. Simply give us a call at (516) 488-1800 and we will be happy to help you.