Bigger is Not Always Better When Purchasing HVAC Equipment

When it is time to replace heating and air conditioning equipment, it is absolutely essential that you match the size of the unit to the needs of your home. Do not assume that just because a unit has more power it is the appropriate HVAC system for use in your house. Today’s hvac systems come in a variety of sizes for a reason, and you need to choose the one that will be the most efficient at heating and cooling your home.

The best way to determine which of the hvac systems on the market is best suited for your use is to have a home air infiltration inspection. Our skilled technicians have been trained to take the proper measurements to make sure that your system is operating as efficiently as possible when heating and cooling your home. They can also determine how remodeling projects that you have done since your current system was installed will effect how the new one operates.

An air infiltration inspection will determine how tightly your home is sealed. If there is a significant amount of outside air leaking in, the size of your HVAC system may need to be larger to insure proper heating and cooling. A typical 2 ton air conditioning unit will do a fine job cooling a 1200 square foot home but if that home is not sealed well you may need a 2.5 ton unit. Manufacturers recommend 1 ton per 600 square feet of living space but as we learned through our years of experience, one size does not fit all.

If you choose a unit that is too big for your home, you could be wasting your hard-earned energy dollars because your equipment is short-cycling. This also wears out your system’s components more quickly.   Ask us about how to get the HVAC system that is the right size for you.

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