Diminished Home Comfort And High Energy Costs? 3 Possible Problems

home comfort, Long Island, New YorkAre You Getting Higher Energy Bills? Learn Why It Might Be Happening

If your home comfort is not up to par, it will generally result in an unpleasant living environment that leaves you feeling stressed and uncomfortable. When decreased home comfort combines with high energy bills, look to the following three possible problem areas in your home. Then, take action to remedy the problem.

Duct efficiency

Leaky ducts will allow conditioned air to escape, increasing energy bills and decreasing home comfort. Not only does inefficient ductwork cause your HVAC equipment to consume more energy to overcome air leaks, but it might lead you to turn the thermostat up or down, also causing increased energy consumption. Hiring a professional HVAC company to seal the ducts will increase your heating and cooling systems’ efficiency, create a more comfortable environment and lower energy costs.

HVAC efficiency

Older, inefficient HVAC equipment typically produces below average results. If your budget can handle it, consider upgrading your old heating and cooling system to an Energy Star-rated unit. When choosing a new system, make sure to purchase a unit that’s sized to meet your home’s heating or cooling load. If it’s too large or too small, it will cause HVAC equipment to run cycles that are too short or too long, respectively, both of which will increase energy use.

Air loss

A home with an abundance of small holes and cracks in its exterior shell is hard to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Air leaks throughout your home cause air to escape through those small cracks and holes, which wastes energy, increases your energy bills and affects home comfort. Use weather stripping, door jams and caulk to seal problem areas and minimize air loss.

Other problems that could cause your home comfort to diminish include:

However, if you regularly replace filters, upgrade to a programmable thermostat and use correct settings and install a whole-house air purifier you will greatly increase your home comfort, while saving money on your monthly heating and cooling bills.

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