Efficiency – It’s a Good Thing!

As home comfort professionals, we at T.F. O’Brien are always talking to our customers about efficiency. We tell you about the equipment you need to keep your home comfortable, while saving on your utility bills. We explain how you can keep your heating and cooling systems running at maximum efficiency through annual maintenance. And, we offer you HVAC equipment that will leave a minimal carbon footprint on the planet. We believe it’s important to not only install the best, most high-efficiency products on the market, but also to provide our customers with a smooth process. That’s why we not only strive to give you great equipment, but we also make the most of the time we spend with you.

At T.F. O’Brien, we’ve maximized our workplace efficiency, so working with us is always a satisfying experience. Some of the ways we’ve streamlined our process so you get the best possible service include:

  • Box trucks. The trucks are equipped with virtually everything our technicians will need on the job, so they will most likely be able to come in and service your equipment without having to leave the jobsite for parts or tools.
  • iPads and cell phones. All of our employees are equipped with iPads and cell phones, which make it easy for them to communicate with our home office, upload information regarding the services they perform and look up information such as part numbers for faster service.
  • Inventory system. We maintain a good inventory of everything on our trucks and in our warehouse, so we always know what we have on hand and what’s needed. That way, we don’t run out of product, and we won’t show up at a jobsite only to have to leave to get the needed parts.
  • “Just-In-Time” delivery system. To increase efficiency and decrease waste, we receive goods as they are needed in our production process, which reduces inventory costs.

All of these measures help us keep our costs down – and our quality up – for our customers. Let T.F. O’Brien help you with your next HVAC project, whether you need maintenance, repair or installation. Even if you’re simply wondering how you can use less energy in your home and save on utility bills, we have the answers you need. Call us at 516.488.1800 to learn more today!