Energy Savings Calculator: Making Every Dollar Count

Energy savings calculators are questionnaires that gather information on energy usage and process that information to identify changes that will decrease energy usage and provide energy cost savings. Using an energy savings calculator can help you focus on the parts of your home energy system that need attention. The  Home Energy Saver website is a good example of an energy savings calculator.

After you input your household data, then the calculator provides recommendations on potential energy cost savings in the following areas:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Hot Water
  • Large Appliances
  • Small Appliances
  • Lighting

The savings in energy costs are based on reduced energy usage after upgrading your current home energy system. Think of your home energy system as being enclosed in your house structure, or envelope. Making small but important changes in the envelope to seal leaks and add insulation are important first steps to reducing energy usage and costs.

Here in the New York and Long Island areas, heating and cooling are critical to your household. These systems should operate efficiently and provide the best performance for the least cost. One way to improve heating and cooling efficiency is through using a programmable thermostat. To improve the basic performance of your heating and cooling, consider replacing your heating or air conditioning equipment.

Hot water, appliances, and lighting are also areas where you can use the energy savings calculator to help decide on the best equipment upgrade plans for energy cost reduction. You can also take advantage of newer and more energy-efficient technology like solar and tankless water heaters, energy star appliances, and CFL lighting options.

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