Condensate Pumps are a Good Choice for High Efficiency Furnaces

When we talk about furnaces, which is apt to happen this time of year, you hear the word “coefficiency” a lot.  The value of having and maintaining  high efficiency  furnaces is clear; they function longer and cost less.

However, even the highest  efficiency furnace  comes with the same potential issue  many heating and cooling mechanisms  have: how to manage  the excess water that results from  normal furnace operation. As water continues to rise and  fill the pan, it doesn’t take long to realize this could really cause problems for the furnace, and  the home.

A few  options:

  • Purchase a high efficiency furnace with a built-in condensate pump
  • Continue using tubes and hoses to drain excess water
  • Purchase and install a condensate pump

Purchasing a new furnace can be  costly and unnecessary if excess water is your sole concern. Getting rid of the tubes and hoses is always a good idea, of course.

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So, that leaves us with installing a condensate pump as the better option. Condensate pumps are used to effectively direct and remove excess water from  high efficiency furnaces (as well as humidifiers and A/C units). The pump takes the place of hoses that can and do rupture, and  seamlessly transfers water to the appropriate drainage pipe.

The decision is yours to make, but the professionals at  T.F. O’Brien are happy to offer expert advice or answer questions. Ensuring  proper water drainage  for high efficiency furnaces is good for your furnace, and good for your home.

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