What’s Even More Coveted Than The Energy Star Logo? The Most Efficient Label

energy star logo, Long Island, New YorkIf You’re Shopping for an HVAC System, Learn Which One is Most Efficient

Sooner or later, you’re going to need to shop around for new heating and cooling equipment for your Long Island home. There are many choices out there, but luckily, you can count on the Energy Star logo to point you to the models that are most energy efficient. But is this logo enough for all consumers? Energy Star doesn’t seem to think so, which is one reason they’ve created the new “Most Efficient” program.

New improvements to a reliable system
It may be surprising to learn that the Energy Star program has been around for two decades. During that time, it has helped consumers make more informed decisions when shopping for heating and cooling equipment for their homes. It allowed homeowners to immediately identify the most energy-efficient models that would give them the biggest bang for their buck. But as the years have passed, improvements in technology and consumer awareness of environmental concerns have prompted most manufacturers to reach the needed standards, which means that the market is flooded with appliances that have earned the Energy Star logo.

Identifying the Most Efficient models
To keep up with the needs of consumers, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and stimulate further competition among manufacturers, Energy Star has created the Most Efficient label. This new program identifies the most energy-efficient models available on the market. In order to be listed as Most Efficient, a piece of heating or cooling equipment must meet extremely high standards of energy efficiency. These represent the cream of the crop in each of the separate categories, allowing a consumer to make a more intelligent decision regarding which unit would be better for his or her home. If you’d like to see a list of all Most Efficient models, simply visit the Energy Star website. Once there, you’ll find a listing of models in various categories, along with information regarding estimated operating cost and energy usage, among other details.

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