Have An Attitude of Gratitude? Here Are 9 Things Only Long Islanders Would Be Thankful For.

When Thanksgiving rolls around, most of us take some time to think about what we’re truly thankful for. Of course, friends and family top that list, as well as the wonderful Thanksgiving feast that’s been lovingly prepared for us. As Long Islanders, though, we have some other wonderful things to be thankful for. We live on a beautiful island, where we can easily enjoy summers in the sun and on the beach. We’re close enough to the city that we can catch a show on Broadway or do some shopping at Macy’s. But there are a few things that only Long Islanders get to be thankful for – and we’re sharing them with you!

9 Things Only Long Islanders Would Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

When you and your family sit down to enjoy the turkey and stuffing this year, count your blessings as a Long Islander and make sure you give thanks for the following!

  1. A LIRR schedule that’s on time. The Long Island Rail Road isn’t always (or even often) on time, but when it is, every Long Islander should be thankful!
  2. No traffic on the LIE. Is the Long Island Expressway ever free of traffic? Well, not entirely, but we can always be grateful for those days when it’s at a dull roar.
  3. Telling someone you’re from New York, and not having them think the city. Like our Upstate friends, most of the time if you say you’re from New York, people think you mean the city. How would we all fit there, people? We’re always grateful when people recognize that we might live elsewhere.
  4. 24/7 diners. Feel like grabbing a burger at 3 a.m.? We have some great all-night diners here on Long Island that make those late-night food runs easy as pie.
  5. The Islanders moving back to the Coliseum. We love our hockey here on Long Island, and our Islanders. And, we love to watch them play at the Coliseum, for sure!
  6. Billy Joel. A native son, we couldn’t be prouder of our very own Piano Man and all of his success. He’s never forgotten his roots, which we appreciate!
  7. When people say “on Long Island” versus “in Long Island.” We live ON an island, where we’re perfectly mobile. We’re not planted here, nor do we live in burrows.
  8. Jones Beach concerts. You can’t beat the amazing entertainers and shows at Jones Beach! Doobie Brothers, Black Crowes and Journey are all on the docket for Summer 2020!
  9. When people recognize that Long Island wineries are as great as the Finger Lakes wineries. We make some pretty incredible wines right here on Long Island, where Merlot is king. Enjoy a wine tour, and check out this list of must-visit wineries. Salut!

At T.F. O’Brien, we also give thanks for you.

When we sit around our holiday table and count our blessings, our customers are always among those we give thanks for. We appreciate the support you’ve shown us for more than 85 years. We are grateful for you – thank you! And remember, if you have any home comfort need, simply give us a call at 516.488.1800 and we will be happy to assist you.