Help Us Help You: Tips for Getting Better Service

When winter weather strikes, there is a greater likelihood that our customers will need us for emergency repairs. That’s because the colder it gets, the harder heating equipment has to work – and that can lead to breakdowns. As your home comfort company, we want to help you get the best service as possible, so we’d like to share some tips on how you can help us help you.

  • Our employees’ safety is important to us. Please understand that when weather is inclement, we pull our trucks off the road.
  • Safe access to equipment is a necessity. In order for our technicians to best service your equipment, please make sure pathways in closets, basements or attics are clear so we can get to your equipment safely and easily. An added bonus – your equipment needs space to “breathe” too – by keeping it clear around it, your equipment can operate in a safer, more efficient manner.
  • Same goes for outdoor equipment. If it is outside, shovel around your equipment and make sure the area is free of debris. And, make sure driveways, sidewalks and entrances are safe for our technicians and other people.
These little things add up, and help our employees do a great job for you – ensuring the comfort and safety of you and your family all winter long!