It Pays To Have A Well Designed Duct System In Your Home

well designed duct system in your home, Long Island, New YorkYour home’s duct system is the lifeline of your heating and cooling systems. Without it, even the best furnace or air conditioner won’t keep you warm during the often frigid Long Island winters or cool during the languid summers. However, duct design is not something that most homeowners think of often. When was the last time you had your duct system checked?

Benefits Of A Good Duct System
A good duct system distributes heated or cooled air efficiently throughout your home. Ideally, all rooms in the home should be heated or cooled to the same temperature. A good duct design also includes adequate air return vents, which keep the air circulating throughout the entire structure.

Signs Your Duct System Needs An Upgrade
Many older homes lose energy from poorly insulated ducts or ducts with poorly fitted seams. Some ducts can also be partially blocked from remodeling efforts or from an older home’s settling or shifting slightly on its foundation. Signs that your duct design could use an update include a drastic change in temperature from one room to the next and rooms upstairs or further away from the furnace being significantly colder than other rooms in the house.

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