Keeping Your Cool While Your AC is Down

two girls drink waterDuring the summer months, your air conditioner works hard to keep your home cool and keep the humidity down. Because it has to work overtime, sometimes problems can spring up. Many times, it’s because the air filter on your system has become clogged and dirty. When your AC is running frequently, it’s important to check the filter regularly – and change it out or clean it if you notice it has become dirty. If this isn’t the problem, it could mean your system needs repair.

While most HVAC contractors work hard to help you get your air conditioning system up and running as quickly as possible, it may take longer in the midst of a summer heatwave. That’s because many people find themselves in need of an AC checkup when their systems are working overtime. We understand that waiting for a repair can mean your home may get a little too warm while you wait. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how you can keep cool while waiting for service.

5 Ways You Can Stay Cool While Waiting for Repairs

Of course, make sure to call your HVAC dealer as soon as you notice any issue with your air conditioning system. That way, you’ll not only get scheduled for a repair visit as soon as possible, but you may save yourself from a larger and more expensive repair need. While you wait for repairs, these tips may help you keep your home and family cooler:

    1. Make sure all windows are closed – and keep them closed. When you run your AC, you should keep windows closed anyway, as this helps keep the indoor air a more consistent temperature and keeps your system from having to work harder than necessary. If your system stops working, keep the windows closed, so the cooled air stays inside – and the hot outside air stays out!
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  1. Close window blinds or curtains. This is especially true for any windows that get direct sunlight. The heat of the sun can quickly warm up your home, so keeping curtains or blinds closed can help prevent that.
  2. Don’t use any heat-producing home appliances. Avoid using your stove or oven while your air conditioning is out of order, as these appliances can quickly heat up your home. Additionally, you might want to consider avoiding using the clothes dryer, especially if located near your immediate living space.
  3. Wear lightweight, natural fiber clothing. Choose fabrics like cotton and linen that are both breathable and help keep moisture at bay. Heavier fabrics like polyester can keep body heat and sweat in – making you feel hot, sticky, and uncomfortable.
  4. Drink plenty of water and keep your body cool with it, too. Water is one of the best choices when it comes to keeping your body cooler and hydrated. If you find yourself without AC during a heat wave, keep jugs or bottles of drinking water in the fridge. You can also take cool showers or mist yourself with cool water using a spray bottle.

By keeping these tips in mind, you and your family will be more comfortable while you wait for your technician.

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