Replacing Your Split Air Conditioning System: Skimp Now and Risk Paying Later

split air conditioning system, Long Island, New YorkIt’s well known that “you get what you pay for” is more than a cliché. Quality costs, and when it comes to a purchase as large and complex as your split air conditioning system, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and a quality installation.

A split A/C system that’s been installed at a lesser standard can have numerous problems, including:

  • An increase of stress on the system, which can reduce system efficiency by at least 30 percent
  • A tendency toward premature failure
  • Possible failure if the refrigerants used by the outdoor and indoor units don’t match

When searching for an air conditioning expert who can properly install your split air conditioning system, look for certification. The HVAC industry has set up its own independent process for determining which technicians meet the quality level that the industry demands and which do not. A North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification means that the technician working on your system has been tested by the NATE organization and has displayed the level of real-life working knowledge and specialized skills necessary to be a top technician in the HVAC field.

A certificate of product performance can also be an excellent way of ensuring that the highest quality product is being installed by the highest quality technician, thereby allowing you the highest possible efficiency from your system.

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