Sealing Leaky Ducts Can Significantly Improve HVAC Efficiency

ductwork maintenance Long Island, NY areaDuctwork is a Key Component of a Comfortable Long Island Home

The ductwork of your HVAC system is the pathway through which heated or cooled air travels to reach all points around your home. Ducts that leak reduce the overall efficiency of your HVAC systems and significantly impact home comfort. But sealing leaky ducts can create optimal performance conditions.

In fact, up to 20 percent of the air in your ductwork can be lost because of leaks, gaps, holes, and loose or poorly sealed connections. Sections of ductwork in unconditioned areas of your home such as crawl spaces or unfinished rooms can lose as much as 60 percent of the conditioned air flowing within them.

By sealing leaky ducts in your home, you will prevent this loss and increase overall HVAC system efficiency.

Be aware of the signs of leaky ductwork, such as:

  • Higher-than-usual utility bills
  • Areas that are difficult to heat or cool
  • Stuffy and uncomfortable rooms
  • Obvious damage to ducts, loose or detached sections or kinked ductwork

Act quickly to repair the ductwork before the problem is reflected in your utility bills.

To fix ducts that leak:

  • Check ductwork you can see in attics, basements, and garages
  • Look for holes, cracks, or gaps in the ductwork or between sections
  • Ensure that ductwork segments fit together tightly, especially at elbows and branches
  • Make sure ducts are firmly connected to vents and registers
  • Seal connections between segments with mastic, a sealant specially made for ducts, or metal tape
  • Hire a professional to seal your ductwork if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, or to access hard-to-reach spaces

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