The R-22 Phaseout Is Speeding up — Is Now the Time for an A/C Replacement?

r-22 replacement, Long Island, New YorkYou may not have heard of R-22, but you’re probably familiar with the term “Freon,” which is the proprietary name. R-22 is a refrigerant used in air conditioning systems to create cold air.

Unfortunately, this particular refrigerant releases chlorine into the air, which depletes the ozone. To better protect the environment, legislation has been put into place to phase out R-22 over the next few years, and R-410A will serve as the R-22 replacement.

Today, manufacturers use the more environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A in cooling systems. R-410A, sold under various trademarked names, is not interchangeable with R-22, as they require different pressures.

Because R-22 is being phased out, supplies are becoming harder to find, which drives up the price. Systems that run on R-22 and need repairs will incur greater costs as time goes by. At some point, it might be worth considering an air conditioning upgrade.

Another benefit of choosing an A/C upgrade: Modern systems are more energy efficient. They allow you to keep your home cooler and still save money on your electricity bill. If you choose to go with your existing system a little while longer, an annual checkup is a good energy efficiency practice.

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