To Keep The Air Clear In Your Home, Consider These Electronic Air Cleaner Options

electronic air cleaner long island, nyCreate an Indoor Purified Air Oasis in Your Long Island Home

The air in your house is not as clean as you think. Microscopic particles of shed skin, hair, pollen, and insect remnants share the air with mold spores, viruses and bacteria. They remain airborne, drifting on the air currents in each room until you unwittingly breathe them in. A whole-house electronic air cleaner can mechanically remove pollutants, and installing one in your home can result in improved indoor air quality.

An electronic air cleaner is like a quiet sentinel, protecting your indoor spaces from contaminated air. The air purifier uses electrostatic charges to trap particles, removing them from the air. Homeowners can choose from two available technologies: electrostatic precipitators and ionizers. While they deploy different processes, both systems accomplish the same thing.

Electronic precipitators
Electronic precipitators bring unclean air to the purifier where it is pulled through an ionizer, positively charging the particles. As the air continues through the precipitator, the positive-charged particles stick to plates inside the unit with a negative charge. This process removes the particles from the air, leaving them behind on the plates. To maximize efficiency, periodically clean the precipitator plates to provide enough surface area to continuously capture the unwanted particles.

An ion generator emits negatively charged ions into the air, thereby transferring negative charges to particulates, which then attract positively charged ions. They cling to elements in your home, such as drapes and walls, and fall to the floor where you then mop or vacuum them up. Some ionizers use a charged bar in the machine, so routine cleaning is required.

If you are prone to allergies, or suffer from asthma, you are susceptible to particulates that can accelerate the onset of respiratory illness and cause breathing problems. An electronic air cleaner could become a mighty force in your home for improved indoor air quality.

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