Upgrading? 3 Heat Pump Features You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Numerous advances have been made in heat pump technology over the years, making these systems more popular in the Northeast. If you’re thinking about upgrading to a heat pump, there are three heat-pump features you’ll want to take into consideration before you make your next purchase.

  • A desuperheater component traps the “super heat” that the heat pump generates as it operates, diverting it for water heating, a process that requires a much higher temperature (about 120 degrees) than conventional home heating systems can produce. Using a desuperheater promotes energy savings whether you’re running the heat pump in heating or cooling mode. Desuperheaters are exceptionally effective when your heat pump is in cooling mode, because there’s more overall heat to be sourced from the outdoors, and moderately effective when it’s in heating mode.
  • Two-stage compressors allow a heat pump to operate at two stages. It will opt for a higher operation when temperatures are extreme, providing enough heating or cooling to maintain a comfortable home. During milder weather, the compressor will run at the lower speed, avoiding higher energy consumption when it’s not necessary.
  • Demand defrost also helps cut energy waste. Most heat pump systems have a mechanical timer and a thermostat to monitor temperatures, automatically running the defrost cycle every so often. A demand defrost feature promotes energy efficiency, as it will only cycle on when the sensor detects the presence of ice on the coils, limiting the energy consumption of this component to an as-needed basis.

In addition to exploring heat pump features, when you’re selecting a new system, it’s also important to consider efficiency ratings. Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) shows heating mode efficiency, while Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) shows cooling mode efficiency.

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