Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Ductless AC for Your Long Island Home

Ductless Mini-Split Systems Have a Number of Advantages

Ductless air conditioning is not a brand-new idea, but it has gained in popularity in recent years. As a result, many people have heard about it, but might not necessarily know how it works and if it’s effective. You should know as a consumer, ductless air conditioning can help you improve your indoor climate dramatically, all while reducing energy costs.

According to ENERGY STAR, ductless systems are extremely efficient, and effectively deliver conditioned air to different zones in your Long Island home.  And, most ductless systems provide not only air conditioning, but heating for your spaces as well. Want to learn more? Here are five reasons why ductless is a great choice for your home:

  • Ductless systems can save you money. When you replace the inefficient window air conditioners and electric baseboard heaters in your Long Island home with a ductless system, you can cut your home’s cooling and heating costs by 30 percent.
  • Ductless systems put the control in your hands. With a traditional system, you usually have a thermostat that controls the cooling and heating to all rooms in your home. Ductless air conditioning and heating allows you precise temperature control over each zone, usually with the touch of a button.
  • As the name suggests, there is no need for ducts. Ductless air conditioning is mounted directly on the wall or ceiling, with no need for ductwork installation. That means the duct losses of a traditional system are eliminated, so you’re more comfortable in your Long Island home – and you save money.
  • Ductless air conditioning is a trusted technology. As we said earlier, ductless air conditioning has been around for a while – more than 30 years. These systems are used worldwide and have been proven to be an effective, efficient means of home comfort.
  • Ductless systems provide cooling AND heating. While you can install strictly ductless air conditioning in your Long Island home, you should know that ductless cooling and heating – all in one unit – is also an option. So, if you relied on electric baseboard heat in the winter and window AC in the summer, a ductless system can provide a convenient, single solution.

If you think ductless air conditioning sounds like a great option for your Long Island home or business and would like to find out more, T.F. O’Brien is ready to assist you. T.F. O’Brien proudly serves all of Long Island, including Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Brooklyn. Simply call us at 516.488.1800, and we’ll tell you about the different options for ductless air conditioning and help you find the solution most suited to your needs.