5 Scary Things that Can Happen if You Don’t Get Heating Maintenance

spooky house with bats and full moonIt’s that spooky time of year again, and pretty soon our neighborhoods will be full of pumpkins, fall decorations, and trick-or-treaters. While the autumn season is definitely fun-filled, it’s also a time to think about the cooler weather ahead. That might include getting your lawn and garden prepared for chillier weather, making sure your home is draft-free and maintaining your home’s heating system.

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For some, annual heating maintenance might not seem important. They might think of it as an unnecessary expense, or they might figure that since their heating system is working fine, they don’t need to worry about it. But the truth is, not getting your heating system annual maintenance can have some unfortunate consequences.

What can happen if I don’t get fall heating maintenance?

Not sure that annual maintenance is necessary for your heating system? Here are just a few of the “gremlins” that might pop up when equipment hasn’t been properly maintained:

  1. Small issues may become larger, more expensive ones. When a qualified technician cleans and checks your heating system on an annual basis, they’ll be far more likely to discover any small problems with your system that can be easily remedied. If these problems go unnoticed, however, they can get worse over time, leading to system breakdown.
  2. Your heating system may fail prematurely. As we mentioned above, an annual checkup helps to determine the health of your heating system. When you don’t get your system regularly maintained, it may not last as long. And that means an expensive system replacement you may not have planned for.
  3. Your indoor air quality may suffer. When heating systems aren’t properly maintained, they can become very dirty, as dust and other particles tend to accumulate in heating systems and ductwork. That means that the air circulating around your home through the air ducts will be full of these particles, causing your air quality to be less than optimal.
  4. The warranty on your system may be voided. Most heating equipment manufacturers require regular maintenance in order to keep the warranty on the system intact. Failure to get your system maintained may void the warranty – causing you to have to pay out of pocket for expensive repairs or replacement.
  5. Energy usage may increase. When your system isn’t properly maintained, the inner components tend not to work as efficiently. And, if your system’s filter is clogged, that can add to system inefficiency. Because your system has to work harder to heat your home properly, it will have to use more energy – and lead to an increase in your utility bills.

Getting heating maintenance isn’t tricky, though – it’s as easy as calling T.F. O’Brien.

When you call on T.F. O’Brien for your heating system maintenance, we’ll walk you through the details of our maintenance programs. We service nearly every make and model of gas heating equipment ever made. And what’s more, heating system maintenance will help your system achieve peak performance, and help you save on future energy bills and repair costs.

When you need heating system maintenance for your Long Island home, T.F. O’Brien is ready to help. Simply give us a call at 516.488.1800 – and we’ll make sure your heating system is gremlin-free.