Your Long Island Home Is a Haven When You Improve Indoor Air Quality

improve indoor air quality, Long Island, New YorkWhen it’s hot and humid outdoors, who can blame you for pining for the creature comforts of home? But if you walk through the door and register the “eww” factor, don’t despair. Your Long Island home can be a haven if you take steps to improve indoor air quality.

According to the EPA, improving indoor air quality comes down to three fundamentals: source control, improved ventilation, and cleaning the air. Even the process of cooking can fill your home with irritants that can take hours to dissipate. An exhaust fan may help, but try to grill outdoors in the summer when you can.

The great outdoors is also a better place for painting and using products that emit allergens, including varnish, sandpaper and fixatives. Taking a bottle of hair spray outdoors may be inconvenient, but you can improve indoor air quality a great deal by eliminating or at least reducing your use of aerosol sprays and cleaning products that contain chemicals.

Even if you’re diligent, there isn’t a home along the Long Island coast that wouldn’t benefit from an infusion of fresh air. If you haven’t already, isolate where the breezes most often enter your home. Then open the windows as often as you can to create crosswinds. Add to the clean air by using your attic fan, bathroom exhaust fans and ceiling fans.

More tips to improve indoor air quality

  • Keep allergens at bay by dusting surfaces first and then vacuuming carpets once a week. Dry mop your wood or tile floors regularly, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • Give four-legged pests a run for their money by keeping food off your counter and out of their reach. They can track germs and irritants into your home, so be vigilant about cleaning up crumbs after every meal.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector to monitor your furnace. Use a whole-house dehumidifier when humidity gets high to keep your home moisture- and mold-free.

For more information about ways to improve indoor air quality in your Huntington area home, contact the pros at T. F. O’Brien Cooling & Heating.

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